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Xsavior - Caleidoscope
Fresh and new from Sweden (I will move there one day), a new AOR group with Göran Edman & Benny Jansson. Ingredients: epica in musica and loads of influences. But above all, top notch muscians. Enter Xsavior.

Caleidoscope is an album that might be a little out of most Metalrage readers interest league. So it is as far as my taste goes. But I can easily state, this is a fine album. Ultra crystal clear productional sound, full melody textures, complex arrangements. The whole sound of hectic guitar riffing, smooth singing and synth support has to be your taste, but if you're in favor of hearing the more complicated work by bands such as Styx and Kansas, this could be your cup of tea. But it doesn't stop right there, imagine your Queen - Night At The Opera harmonies, little bit of yeh ol' typical swedish solo virtuosity and place a heavier riff here and there. Long songs, complicated arangements and patched up to the maximum. Hate it, or love it, it's done in a good qualitative manner.

One thing that this album lacks is the fact that the songs themselves fail to keep me interested. Within those songs, there are plenty of interesting things happening, but the real song factor is low. Somehow I think this is just a matter of taste and preference, but keep in mind that this is probably an album that will only appeal the 'trained ear' that enjoys sheer complexity over beatiful songwriting.

As said, this is not my cup of tea but within the world of Caleidoscope there's plenty to be discovered. If you like mid tempo AOR with complex melodies and stretched vocal lines, this is your bag. And for all those people with that type of bag, this is your match. Perfect productional sound, interesting solos and suprising changes in melody. For all the fans, enjoy!
Xsavior - Caleidoscope
80/1001Details Atenzia
Released on Monday Jul 4th, 2005

Writer @Lex on Friday Aug 26th, 2005

Tags: #Xsavior
Tracklisting 1. April Skies (5:35)
2. Lex The Fly (5:58)
3. Mr. Chairman (5:31)
4. Take Me Home (4:26)
5. In Memorial Of... (taj Mahal, Part I) (5:38)
6. By The Golden River (taj Mahal, Part Ii) (6:00)
7. Waves Of The Sea (taj Mahal, Part Iii) (6:16)
8. Green Mile (4:14)
9. Cosmic Virus (4:23)
10. Material World (5:16)
11. A Snake In Paradise (6:03)
12. Xsavior (5:28)
Line up G�ran Edman (vocals)
Benny Jansson (guitar)
Daniel Flores (drums)
Matt Norberg (keyboards)
Mathias Garnas (bass)