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Ebolie - Elevation Into Disintegration
I never heard of this band before, until I received this promo called Elevation Into Disintegration. The first thing that got my eye was the funny and chaotic artwork. Not very beautiful, but the point has been made. Ebolie are from Australia, so I expected almost everything, because Aussies can come up with those extremely idiotic, chaotic and misanthropic riffs. This album is their debut album, but they have released three demos so far.
The record makes out because they really use everything from other musical genres and play it very decently. I think it’s a bit stolen, but I don’t care for that. The sound is okay, it’s not really killer but it isn’t gut-wrenching either. I must say it doesn't sound quite original. It’s very often that I hear a riff that sounds like something else, but the combination of those riffs is not bad at all. You can shift quite fast between a classical Vader death metal riff and a Cock And Ball Torture riff. The song titles are excruciatingly boring, except Queer Eye For The Metrosexual. I really liked that title and the lyrics!
I can’t say much more about this record, because I think it’s just very average. I really expected more than this, but I can’t say that I’m disappointed either. Not a necessary buy if you ask me, but really something for fans of standard and average death/grind.
Ebolie - Elevation Into Disintegration
65/1001Details Grindhead Records
Released on Thursday Jul 1st, 2004

Writer @Mat-Core on Sunday Aug 28th, 2005

Tags: #Ebolie
Tracklisting 1: Blood Tapped Skull
2: Elevation Into Disintegration
3: Human Error
4: Straight Edgetasy
5: Queens Of The Scene Age
6: Work Forced
7: Foetal Grindings
8: Rape Of Sanity
9: Queer Eye For The Metrosexual
Line up Vocals – Bubsy
Guitar – Glennos
Guitar – Berchual
Drums - Chewy