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Cold - A Different Kind Of Pain
A couple of years back I came in contact with the band Cold because someone was looking for a song and it looked like the Cold song Suffocate. With their previous album ‘Year Of The Spider’ they amazed me, beautiful songs were presented to me and I fell in love immediately. This year they are going to release another album and Metalrage received this one in the mail a week ago. This album is called ‘A Different Kind of Pain’ and contains 11 songs. I was curious to the result, could they amaze me once again?
The bio starts by telling the previous album went gold and this is something I can imagine; the album has made me curious to other things beside metal. The new album surprises me, with a solid production the band manage to get their music to a new level. Obvious the band had a lot more to spend on this album but they invested these funds the right way and created a solid album with a more intriguing sound.
The vocals of Scooter Ward got the same attraction on me as the previous album but the music has become more complicated and you can see the band has evolved over the years. The first single of the album, Happens All The Time, received a lot attention on the radio in the States and the album can be put into the column of interesting rock music. With new impulses and original patters in the music the band presents quality rock suitable for a big audience.
What I notice about this album are the lyrics; I haven’t noticed this one before but on this album religion and  God are a big part within the music. With songs like God’s Song, When Heaven’s Not Far Away and When Angels Fly Away the band looks like a spiritual band. It seems like the band is writing about the loss of a person on this album. One good look at the bio and I read the following: “A Different Kind Of Pain is fraught with the insight into the band’s recent upheavals, which include tackling personal demons, lineup changes and facing immortality”;
After three albums Cold still manage to put quality songs on a disc and deliver what the music industry needs; not simple and plain rock’n’roll rhythms but decent and respectable songs with some originality. Cold convinced me once again; I truly hope a band like Cold can get more attention over here in Europe, they deserve it!
Cold - A Different Kind Of Pain
88/1001Details Lava Records / Warner Music
Released on Tuesday Aug 30th, 2005

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Wednesday Aug 31st, 2005

Tags: #Cold
Tracklisting 1. Back Home (4:32)
2. Feel It In Your Heart (3:47)
3. Anatomy Of A Tidal Wave (4:27)
4. A Different Kind Of Pain (5:20)
5. Another Pill (3:46)
6. Happens All The Time (3:29)
7. When Heaven\'s Not Far Away (3:07)
8. God\'s Song (3:14)
9. When Angels Fly Away (4:06)
10. Tell Me Why (3:15)
11. Ocean (3:46)
Line up Scooter Ward - Vocals
Matt Loughran - Guitar
Jeremy Marshall - Bass
Sam McCandless - Drums