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God Dethroned - Into The Lungs Of Hell
God Dethroned was formed by mainman Henri Sattler in 1991. After one demo they released their debut album The Christhunt on a tiny German label. Due to problems with the other band members and the record company, Henri decided to split the band. He then formed Ministry Of Terror, a Thrash Metal band, and released with them the 'Fall Of Life' album in 1994. After a European tour Henri left the band and re-formed God Dethroned. With new band members and better songs in his back, Henri and the new God Dethroned recorded The Grand Grimoire and linked a deal with Metal Blade. Now they have produced a sequel to Ravenous called Into The Lungs Of Hell, which is going to be reviewed now. In The Lungs of Hell starts with the title track, which immediately sounds very typically God Dethroned. With a relaxed intro piece which continues into a very slow, dark song. A nice starter for this album. The Warcult continues in the slow tempo of Into The Lungs of Hell but after awhile God Dethroned really breaks loose and the blastbeats and dark grunts follow. This is a real uptempo song with great structual riffs and drumwork. A real piece of work and quite original too. Normally originality isn't a real prior for a band, but I don't know if God Dethroned did this with intention or just wrote a good song. I'll stick to the first. Enemy Of The State is a typical pounding song, which will do great for live performance. Everything about this song is right, even the moment where the blastbeats erupt. Soul Sweeper is next and this is a song you just have to hear. A nice riff followed by some real crackling vocals and a good drum line. A typical Death Metal song with a nice guitar part in the end and all for all a great song. When I listened this album, I've seen a great progression in their music, and I must conclude that this sequence to Ravenous ( which is a VERY good album) equals to the brutality which was heard on Ravenous. God Dethroned have certainly produced one of the better Death metal albums of the first quarter of 2003 and I will not easily get this disc out of my recorder. I have listened this album for about 7 or 8 times now, and it just gets better everytime Track Listing: 1: Into The Lungs Of Hell 2: The Warcult 3: Enemy Of The State 4: Soul Sweeper 5: Slaughtering The Faithfull 6: Sublimal 7: The Tombstone 8: Gods Of Terror Line up: Vox/Guitars - Henri Sattler Lead Guitars - Jens Vox/Bass - Beef Drums - Ari´┐Żn
God Dethroned - Into The Lungs Of Hell
84/1001Details Metal Blade
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #God Dethroned
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