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Staind - Chapter V
Who does not know the band Staind? Since their monstrous hit ‘It’s Been A While’ the band has been touring around the world, chased by teenage girls and protected by huge body guards on stage (Lowlands 2003). True fans of the album ‘Dysfunction’ (which got released in 1999) didn’t like the new material of ‘Break The Cycle’, but the following album ’14 Shades Of Grey’ was received a little bit better. Right now the band is releasing their fifth album ‘Chapter V’.
The first single of the album is ‘Right Here’ and the tune is quite catchy. This song can be compared with a ‘Break The Cycle’ song and it sure is Staind. Definitively a good choice for a potential hit, and lets all realize; this is the intention of a single.

The band is throwing out their anger once again, but the sound is different. The sound can be called really clean on this album. But the band still manage to deliver what they are here for, a proper emotional rock record. Staind has put mid tempo songs on their album and used the same formula. Songs like 'Paper Jesus' resemble the old, heavy side of the band that people have grown to love. One thing that we havent heard much on Staind records are guitar solos. Guitarist Mike Mushok shows that he can do a bit more than just "chugga chugga" guitarplaying in songs like 'Reply'. The amount of acoustic guitarplaying is also less than on 14 Shades, definitly giving the record a "rock vibe".
Vocalist Aaron Lewis uses the same vocals as always on this release but the music went back to the a little to the earlier material, a little bit rougher and more intriguing. One of my favourite songs is 'Cross To Bear', with  a great chorus and damn good music. It just makes me want to see this band again. Another great one is 'Please' where the bass is a major part of the music, and if this instrument is played on a correct way the music gets another dimension.

After the boring cover of 14 Shades Of Grey (which was pretty obvious) Staind has finally put some effort in the package. An album needs to be attractive, and they managed to achieve this goal with the "old book" thing.

The combination of calm songs together with strong rock songs has resulted in a good, altough typical product and I can recommend this album to a true Staind fan who appreciates every faccet of the band. People who only want to have Staind to go back to their Tormented and Dysfuntion era should not have their hopes up to much. And if you never like Staind, this record will probably not change your opinion. The record is heavier than their previous outing, so if you didn't really like 14 Shades Of Gray you might want to check out Chapter V, which is basically a good musical mix of of previous Staind records.
Staind - Chapter V
82/1001Details Atlantic
Released on Tuesday Aug 9th, 2005

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Monday Sep 5th, 2005

Tags: #Staind
Tracklisting 1. Run Away (3:39)
2. Right Here (4:14)
3. Paper Jesus (4:15)
4. Schizophrenic Conversations (4:33)
5. Falling (4:21)
6. Cross To Bear (3:41)
7. Devil (5:01)
8. Please (4:24)
9. Everything Changes (3:58)
10. Trippy (4:42)
11. King Of All Excuses (3:40)
12. Reply (4:14)
Line up Aaron Lewis - Vocals
Mike Mushok - Guitar
Johnny April - Bass
Jon Wysocki - Drums