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Helloween - Mrs. God
Helloween is a very well known band for people who like Heavy/Power metal. We at Metalrage received a promo for the single called Mrs. God, which is a prelude to the full length called Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy. Nobody of my colleagues had the opportunity to interview this band, so I took the liberty for interviewing this band. However, this meant I also had to do a review for that single.
Firstly, this music is really out of my league. Secondly, I really shrink and dissipate when I hear high, ball-crushing vocals. I was quite prepossessed about this little plastic disc, but when I heard the first track Mrs. God, it did not even sound that bad at all. The music is a very nice arrangement of Thrashy mid-tempo fills, variegated with obvious Power metal passages. The vocals aren’t even that bad as well, because I expected a shrinking and squealing high voice, but the vocals were rawer with the occasional higher chants. Luckily, this did not continue the whole single. The second song is called King For A Thousand Years, which is a very long track enveloping 14 minutes of my time. The song is build up into several parts. Thrash, Heavy and Power metal in one ultra long track with some eased up pauses in it. The 3rd track is called Run, which is an exclusive bonus track, as the paper inside the promo package says. Perhaps it doesn’t sound exclusive enough, but to me it just sounds as the 3rd Helloween track on the disc. Not a bad song either and after being through with 3 ball-shrinking, ass-licking and most of all sperm-savouring heavy/power metal songs I really needed a break and listened to Rompeprop…
I’m not very qualified to put an honest mark to this record, because I, myself, am not a power metal fan although I used to listen to it in the past. That was also one of the reasons for me reviewing this. However, the time has brought me new musical influences and let others dissipate. My love for Power metal I once had, is forever gone now. People who do like it though will certainly get their creampies with this album and I don’t need to say anything more because people will buy the album despite my blabberings over here!
Helloween - Mrs. God
70/1001Details SPV/Steamhammer
Released on Monday Oct 31st, 2005
Happy Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Sep 12th, 2005

Tags: #Helloween
Tracklisting 1: Mrs. God
2: King For A Thousand Years
3: Run (The Name Of Your Enemy)
Line up Vocals – Andi Deris
Guitar – Michael Weikath
Guitar – Sascha Gerstner
Bass – Markus Gro�kopf
Drums – Dani Loeble