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Ill Niño - One Nation Underground
Ill Niño ladies and gentlemen, does this band even need an introduction? I don’t think so! After their albums ‘Revolution, Revolucion’ (2001) and ‘Confession’ (2003) the band is back with a new album, ‘One Nation Underground’. An album that has been made by impulse and natural feelings. This time the band didn’t accept any boundaries at all. They listened to lots of salsa and meringue rhythms and jammed together till they got the right feeling for a song. The result? A groundbreaking album that reflects the savagery, rage, disillusionment, beauty and melancholy the band members felt within.
Just when I thought Ill Niño already used so many different influences that they created an own unique style, they come back with a new album. And if that wouldn’t be enough, they made this album an even more diverse one. There’s way more influences on this album, with as main highlight for me, Ill Niño playing a hardcore breakdown. Not just a piece of hardcore, because Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) himself does some nice guest vocals on this album as well. Hardcore on an Ill Niño album, awesome! Now that’s what I call courage. Don’t fool around with yourself by listening to what people around you want, follow your own heart and play whatever you like. Respect to that my friends! I wish more bands did something like that.
As you might have heard on the first single of this album, ‘This is War’, Ill Niño sure did stick with their own sound, they just expanded it with new sounds and rhythms. And just for the record, ‘This is War’ is one of the most typical Ill Niño songs of this album, which means that the rest is even better! Though there’s some small minors on this album. For example the screams Machado produces. They sound way too much forced and I think live it’s going to be even harder for Machado to do his thing. On the other hand I got to mention the incredibly good clean vocals, which definitely gives me goose bumps.
And I gotta say that these great clean vocals are also due to a great production. Which also goes for the instruments because the album has a very clear sound, which makes it easy listening. In some way I’m kinda happy with the fact that especially the vocals aren’t that raw. It just fits this way. 
Overall I think Ill Niño managed to create another great album which, for a lot of people might be much better than their last one. Just check it out!
Ill Niño - One Nation Underground
85/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Monday Sep 26th, 2005
Tribal Metal

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Sep 14th, 2005

Tags: #Ill Niño
Tracklisting 1. This Is War (3:46)
2. My Resurrection (2:55)
3. What You Deserve (3:00)
4. Turns To Gray (3:24)
5. De La Vida (4:05)
6. La Liberation Of Our Awakening (3:45)
7. All I Ask For (3:40)
8. Corazon Of Mine (3:30)
9. Everything Beautiful (3:14)
10. In This Moment (3:23)
11. My Pleasant Toruture (4:30)
12. Barely Breathing (1:06)
13. Violent Saint (3:46)
Line up Cristian Machado - Vocals
Dave Chavarri - Drums
Ahrue Luster - Guitars
Jardel Paisante - Guitars
Lazaro Pina - Bass
Danny Couty - Percussion
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