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Facewreck - Demo 2003/Daily Hustle
A while ago I received two releases, both from Facewreck. A demo which they released in 2003 and their brand new MCD Daily Hustle.

Facewreck started out in 2003. Sander and Roeland were both playing in other bands and wanted to do something different. They sure pulled that off. Facewreck can not be compared to I Reject. There are a few similarities but not very significant ones.

The band members live in Den Haag and Delft . And that’s where a part of their inspiration for the songs comes from too. Things they see and experience in daily live. That’s why they called their mcd Daily Hustle.

Facewreck plays an aggressive type of New York hardcore combined with new styles like nu-metal and metalcore. Some of the songs reminded me of Madball while others brought back the memories of Linkin Park and Born From Pain.

Both the Demo and the MCD have got a great flow. The only part that surprised me was the song on Daily Hustle featuring Kankah D., Kwaad. I personally had rather seen this song as bonus track at the end of the CD. But let’s not bitch about every little detail.

The production of the MCD is better then the production of the demo. Obviously you can really hear the progress of the band. Where I got the feeling the demo is missing something, and the sound is a bit flat, the MCD really blows away my speakers. I can picture the mosh pits in front of the stage and I can really feel the energy coming out of my stereo.

The same can be said for the artwork. The demo has a simple printed cover saying “Facewreck – demo 2003” while the MCD has got a nice picture on the back and a nice image on the front. The only thing I miss is the year of production or release.
On the other hand, the songs are predictable and the structure follows all the standards. Not much of guitar solo’s on this album, but a lot of simple riffs. The fact that the band has two vocalists does add a bit of energy and completes the sound. It is good to see they use the extra vocalist to create an interaction at some points, and at others they just back each other up. The guitar, bass and drums all play very tight. You can hear these people know what they are doing. 
Considering all the different aspects and all the different qualities this album has to offer, I thing the guys of Facewreck did a good job by putting out this MCD. I do think listening too much to this MCD will get you a bit bored. This album is easy to listen to and I sure would recommend this album to people who both like Madball and Born From Pain. But some people might want to skip the song “Kwaad”. 
I wouldn’t spend my money on the demo, for just two other songs. Just visit a show or something.
Facewreck - Demo 2003/Daily Hustle
85/1001Details DIY
Released on Thursday Sep 15th, 2005

Writer @Cymric on Thursday Sep 15th, 2005

Tags: #Facewreck
Tracklisting Demo 2003:

1. Whait&See
2. Doin\' my thing
3. Where\'s the door

Daily Hustle
1. You missed again
2. Wake Up
3. Wait&See
4. Kwaad
5. Bringin\' it back
6. Daily Hustle
Line up Sander – Vocals
Roelant – Vocals
Vincent – Guitar
Rogier – Bass
Veron - Drums