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June - If You Speak Any Faster
Hailing from the Windy City (Chicago), June is a band that would fit easily in a touring package consisting of labelmates Taking Back Sunday and Spitalfield, or a band like Anberlin. Their own biography speaks of "powerpop", and that pretty much describes the band's music: Indie-ish punk-rock with catchy choruses, two vocalists and "happy" guitarwork. Basically stuff that would fit pretty much in all today's hitlists, and it wouldn't suprise me if a lot of 14 year old girls dig this. The band recently signed with Victory Records, and up for review is If You Speak Any Faster, their first full-lenght.

Regarding the songs, ‘The City’ felt a bit out of place for me when it started. It's definitley one of the "heavier" songs on the record, with some powerchords going on, but the catchy chorus makes it one of the better songs on this record. ‘Invitations’ is another good example of the trade-vocals by Brennan and Brown. There are a lot of bands where this formula of vocals is more of an aftertought, but in June’s case it sounds like an elemental part of the band. Lyrically the songs seem to focus on relationships with the other sex, but the band manages to make most songs sound uplifting instead of actually damaging a song with whiney vocals or corny lyrics, so thumbs up in that department.

June's type of pop-punk is very easy on the ears, but it might take the band another record to mold their potential into great, catchy songs. If You Speak Any Faster has its occasional moments with songs like 'Speak Up', ‘The City’ and 'Scandals and Scoundrels', but the bands catchy formula doesn't work for a whole record. Check it out if you like the other bands mentioned above, or just check out a few songs to see if this is your thing to begin with.
June - If You Speak Any Faster
70/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 23rd, 2005
Alternative Rock

Writer @Carn on Monday Sep 19th, 2005

Tags: #June
Tracklisting 1. Speak Up (3:14)
2. Patrick (3:29)
3. Ok Corral (3:06)
4. My Side Of The Story (3:36)
5. Elevators Are Matchmakers (4:03)
6. Scandals And Scoundrels (3:27)
7. The City (3:27)
8. Invitations (3:32)
9. I Write B Movies (3:12)
10. You Had It Coming (3:53)
11. I\'ve Got The Time If You Have The Argument (2:32)
Line up Tim Brennan (Vocals, Guitar)
Mark Palacz (Guitar)
A.J. Brown (Bass, Vocals)
Mark Sutor (Drums)