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5M3 - promo
Spawned from the Dutch extreme grind/death act Gutfuck, a new band dubbed 5M3 was formed. The formula has been changed to less grind and more mosh metalcore parts. I was in for a death metal record to review, so let’s throw this one out of my speakers.
Now if I’m honest, I must say that most death and grind acts from Holland suck major cock. There are a few exceptions, but in general, it’s a big pile of garbage to me. So I was quite surprised when auditing this promo and not getting irritated in any way. It could be because it lasts little over seven minutes, but still, in those seven minutes they manage to keep my attention all the way.
The music can be described as a very less complicated Suffocation with a nice try to put metalcore moshriffs in it. I say nice try because I believe that those riffs can be done a whole lot better, and perhaps should be given a bigger role in the songs. But a cool groove can definitely be found in these three tracks.
The only thing that gives me serious doubt are the vocals. There is practically no variation in its use or sound, so that would definitely start to bug me with a full length release.
But in overall, I can almost say we have a new upcoming death metal act here in the Netherlands. I’m curious to their live act and future releases.
5M3 - promo
69/1001Details Independant
Released on Tuesday May 17th, 2005
death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Sep 21st, 2005

Tags: #5M3
Tracklisting 1. Dogma, Doctrine&Demise
2. Closing Time
3. The 11th Plague

Line up Fjodor – drums
Alex – bass
Marco – guitars
Bart – guitars
Yuri - vocals