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Delphian - Oracle

I'm way overdue with this album. Is it because this is not a genre I would normally listen to or because I'm just a lazy asshole? We'll keep it somewhere in between.
Maybe it's because of the ugly butterfly on the cover? Well, I've finally been able to give this album the attention it deserves. This Dutch quintette has signed with Lion Music from Finland and have released their first full-length! Let's see what it's like!

This progressive metal record builds on a foundation of fabulous 'echo'ey vocals by Aniek Janssen. And that is definately a good foundation! A lot of solo's, technical riffs and intelligent drums keep you on your toes when listening to Oracle.
'Never willing, still fullfilling' turns the rough style around into a gothic ballad when the reverb on the vocals is put to the max.
The whole disc sounds very smooth, maybe even too smooth. But then again, a little over the top in this genre gives me nice chills. I esspecially could appreiciate the tougher riffs giving it all a bit of brutal feel.

And this is also the strength of the record, the variation that the tougher riffs bring. Combining them with whammy maiden solo's and dreamy vocals really makes it a whole. One thing I would have liked to see is a little more variation in the vocals. The vocals are versatile but are too much on the safe side in my opinion. I want longer stretches and backings! Maybe a screaming co-vocal addition in the form of backings or a second lead?
Lyricwise it's all a bit depressing, which is something I like. Though it might be because of the very dark atmosphere of the whole record that makes it depressing. Depressing in a good way ofcourse. 

All in all, this is a nice record. A tight musical composition with a high-end production and good vocals. I would like to see some aggressive counterpart as an addition to the vocals, but whatever way, I would love to here more from this band!


Delphian - Oracle
Released on Monday Jul 25th, 2005
Progressive Metal

Writer @Spoerie on Sunday Sep 25th, 2005

Tags: #Delphian
Tracklisting 1. My Confession
2. Fall
3. Never Willing, Still Fulfilling
4. Sylvester\'s Dusk
5. Moments
6. Salvation
7. The Unknown
8. On Sale
9. Wrong Turn
10. Door To Reality

Line up Aniek Janssen vocals/flute
Coert Bouten guitar
Marcel Volleberg guitar
Roel van Helden drums
Sjoerd Hoeijmakers bass