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NME.MINE - Life Without Water
NME.MINE has in some way always attracted me. I’m not talking about the material here, but only their name. The band, based in Southern Germany certainly don’t re-invent the wheel with their new album ‘Life Without Water’, but what the hell…they conquered Germany! Now the rest of Europe is lays in front of ‘em.
The album title as to be explained by guitarist and co-singer Philipp: “Life Without Water is not possible, without water there is no life. But it’s like so many things in life which are essential for everyone, vital for living: love, friendship and even money. Everyone needs something without which he would die.” Sounds personal? Well, it is! And the lyrics by vocalist Patric are no exception. Patric’s unusual job at a psychiatric clinic has been playing an inspiring role in writing these particular lyrics. “My lyrics are dark and often about loneliness and interpersonal problems. But who carefully reads the lyrics will always find the light at the end of the tunnel. The positive spark here is very important to me”, says the singer.
Let’s find out about NME.MINE shall we?!
To start with my conclusion. This album is a typical sing-along album. The songs aren’t very difficult and after a few times of listening most of the songs will stick in your head. A positive thing? Well, normally I’d say yes. But for some reason I’m missing some elements on this album. I’m not saying I don’t like this album but I think you all know what I mean if I say that I miss something that makes this album a unique one, right?!
But, as I said before, the songs are nice for a sing-along session. They’re powerful as well and musically this band sure is ready to conquer more parts of the world except from Germany only. But then there are the vocals. They’re nice, but certainly not more than that. I kinda have the feeling that the vocals are the missing element on this album. They’re catchy but on the other hand I can imagine that you’ll hate ‘em. Vocalist Patric also seems to have some trouble with keeping his screams up longer then 3 seconds, before he falls back to his ‘normal voice’. And screams my dear readers, isn’t that why we listen metal so often? Because of the great screams and grunts and stuff like that?
Well, I’ll stop bitching right now, because NME.MINE deserves better than that. They have a lot of potential and I think this band can only grow bigger in the scene. And the vocalist isn’t that terrible. You know what? Actually he’s quite good but I just like to advice him to practice his screams a bit more.
All in all, the album is catchy as a motherfucker when it comes to the sing-along element. But don’t expect the rough screaming metal you may be used to. A minor or a challenge? Find out yourself!
NME.MINE - Life Without Water
70/1001Details Eat The Beat Music / Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 11th, 2005

Writer @Boek on Thursday Sep 29th, 2005

Tracklisting 01. A Day Like This
02. The End Of Prayer
03. Trend: Depression
04. Save Me
05. Unlove
06. Sold Out Belief
07. Last Day
08. Stab Me Down
09. Out Of Envy
10. Silent Awakening
11. The Bloodking
Line up Patric Schmidt - Vocals
Philipp Schuster - Guitars + Vocals
Matthias Leichtle - Guitars
Robert Simmendinger - Drums
Markus Wendlandt - Bass