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Sonic Syndicate - Eden Fire

Wooha! Trivium, Killswitch Engage and Arch Enemy fans wake up! You've just spotted the latest band name to top your "to buy" lists! Heavy metal thunder, new generation metal, and even mainstream black metal, gothic elements and Swedish thrash find their way on this, the blasting and explosive new disc by Sonic Syndicate. 

Sonic Syndicate are a new and young metal group (aging from 17 to 22), and are one of the bands of the future. All the ingredients are here to impress the audience: talent, love for metal music, crystal productional sound, a fine blend of styles that atrackt a young and old audience. But above all: an explosive album. So far the group has released three EP's (recorderd under former sucky sucky name Fallen Angels), and 2005 is their year of breakthrough. It has to be, the band has not only played this years 2000 Decibel Festival along the likes of Amon Amarth and Meshuggah, but this year also brings us a disc that sounds so fitting for the modern-day metal-audience that this is very likely to follow up the success of other new groups such as Killswitch Engage, or more recently Trivium

'Eden Fire' is an album that is streched over three segments (Helix Reign, Extinction and Black Lotus). This, of course, has been done a million times before, but with this album the different feel and theme of each segment is very noticable and pleasant. During those three segments we get swung through the very broad spectrum of musical influences, litteraly from Spineshank to Götheborg Thrash up to Cradle Of Filth. As the segments and songs progress, the album graduatly becomes darker and chillier, living up to a fine climax during Crowned In Dispair. Every second is accesable, has a singable chorus line but always remains between the beautiful boundries of overkill and mainstream. 

Absolute highlights are Enhance My Nighmare (with nice female vocals), History Repeats Itself (great chorus line and thumping riffage), or the Cradle Of Filthian smash-hit Soulstone Splinter. It puzzles me that no bigger label has signed these guys yet. Wake up, if you do not own this Sonic Syndicate album, you do not own a portion of the future of metal.

Sonic Syndicate - Eden Fire
80/1001Details MNG
Released on Friday Oct 7th, 2005

Writer @Lex on Friday Oct 7th, 2005

Tags: #Sonic Syndicate
Tracklisting Tracklist:
Helix Reign - Chronicles of a Broken Covenant
I. Jailbreak
II. Enhance My Nightmare
III. History Repeats Itself

Extinction - A Sinwar Quadrilogy
IV. Zion Must Fall
V. Misanthropic Coil
VI. Lament of Innocence
VII. Prelude to Extinction

Black Lotus - The Shadow Flora
VIII. Soulstone Splinter
IX. Crowned in Despair
X. Where the Black Lotus Grows
Line up Karin Axelsson: Bass/ vocals
Andreas M�rtensson: Keyboard
Richard \"Lestat\" Sjunnesson: Vocals
Robin Sjunnesson: Guitar
Kristoffer \"B�ckis\" B�cklund: Drums
Roger Sjunnesson: Guitar