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Argath - Societatis Draconistrarum
 Now the days are getting longer, the weather is changing and the leaves are falling, I’m beginning to prefer the darker music again. Well, it’s not that I don’t listen to black or doom metal in spring or summer, but I’m sure you will all admit that the winter gives the best condition to enjoy dark metal. So I’m pleased I can review ‘Societatis Draconistrarum’ by Argath.

was formed in 1997. They recorded some demos and now they unleash their first album ‘Societatis Draconistrarum’. After a little research on the net I found out it is a 2 man band. But lets talk about ‘Societatis Draconistrarum’. I really like atmosphere on the album, it gives me this nice sinister feeling. The balance of the guitars and the synths is okay.
When I first heard the name Argath I thought it would be a black metal band, but it is more than just that. ‘Societatis Draconistrarum’ also has some doom metal elements on it. Especially the song ‘They shall see no future’ is more a doom metal song than black metal. It has a great dark atmosphere which I really like. But most of the songs are mid or up tempo. I like the balance of black metal screams and doom metal grunts though.

Something I noticed during listening ‘Societatis Draconistrarum’ is that the drums are programmed. But I must say Argath did quite a good job on that. The blast parts sound a little clinical though. I think most of the listeners won’t even notice it. Another thing I noticed is a guitar lick which sounds almost the same as a lick of Cradle of Filth. Luckily it’s just only that lick.

Allthough I think this album is quite okay, I’m happy the cd is not longer then 35 minutes. It’s just not refreshing and 35 minutes is really enough.

Argath - Societatis Draconistrarum
62/1001Details Grey Inertia Productions
Released on Saturday Oct 1st, 2005
Black Doom Metal

Writer @Arcane on Friday Oct 7th, 2005

Tags: #Argath
Tracklisting 1. Societatis Draconistrarum
2. Apocalyptic speech
3. Beyond the silent stars
4. The water that you breathe
5. Genocide winds
6. They shall see no future
7. Faustian
8. The astral prophecy
9. Denouement
Line up W - multiple instruments
Gath - multiple instruments