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Old Man's Child - Vermin
The first thing I’ve ever heard of Old Man’s Child was a song called the ‘Dreamghost’. It was a song on a sampler-cd. I loved that song. In those days I listened a lot to Dimmu Borgir, when they released ‘Darkness Enthrone Triumphant’. In my opinion Old Man’s Child really sounded like Dimmu Borgir. And that was not a bad thing. So I was very curious about the new release, ‘Vermin’.
Old Man’s Child was formed in 1993. Up ‘till now Old Man’s Child released several great albums, EPs and demos. The mastermind behind Old Man’s Child is Galder. Galder? Yes you might have heard that name before. Galder is also member of Dimmu Borgir. Actually on this cd Galder is Old Man’s Child, because he plays all the instruments, does all the vocals and writes all the songs. The only thing he does not play are the drums, which are battered by Reno H. Kiilerich.

So what can you expect of Vermin? Old Man’s Child plays melodic, dramatic black metal. The songs differ a lot. Fast blasting parts, slow pumping parts and dark/doom parts. It really is a great mix. Old Man’s Child always sounded like Dimmu Borgir to me, like I said before. But when Dimmu Borgir grew Old Man’s Child grew with them. Vermin sounds very fresh. It has this really full pumping sound blasting from the speakers. The drums are very thight, and the guitar riffs are awesome. The album has a great atmosphere due to the great balance of uptempo and downtempo guitar riffs and the usage of keyboards.

It was very hard for me to choose the best song of Vermin, because all the songs are great. They all have the great combination I mentioned above. But after listening Vermin I came to the conclusion that the song I like most is ‘Twilight Damnation’. It has a beautiful acoustic intro which changes in an atmospheric riff with a nice guitar lick. And after about 1 ½ minute a nice piano part takes over. Which is very catchy.

Well it is hard for me to tell you more. You should definitely listen to Vermin when you are into melodic black metal. Dimmu Borgir fans should have this one in their collection for sure.
Old Man's Child - Vermin
90/1001Details Century Media
Released on Monday Oct 17th, 2005
Melodic Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday Oct 12th, 2005

Tags: #Old Man\'s Child
Tracklisting 1. Enslaved And Condemned (4:15)
2. The Plague Of Sorrow (4:09)
3. War Of Fidelity (4:19)
4. In Torment\'s Orbit (5:04)
5. Lord Of Command [Bringer Of Hate] (4:51)
6. The Flames Of Deceit (4:39)
7. Black Marvels Of Death (4:22)
8. Twilight Damnation (4:42)
9. ...As Evil Descends (1:11)
Line up Galder: Vocals, lead guitars, bass guitar, acoustic guitars and keyboards

Reno H. Kiilerich: drums