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Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Bloodlust
Bloodlust. That is the title of the debut album of Through The Eyes Of The Dead, which is now lying in front of me. After reading the biography that was included in the package, I found out that they see themselves as a melodic death metal band with a touch of Hardcore in it. I think I can go along with that, except that I am not a big appreciator of melodic death metal and that there are so many more acts who do just the same. Let’s see what TTEOTD can bring with this album called Bloodlust, which is their debut record on Prosthetic Records.
The album starts out with an intro, which is followed by the first real track called Two Inches From A Main Artery. The music sounds moshing with creaking guitar riffs and a lot of freaking in between. The drums are quite blasting and technical at the same time. A fair combination of Swedish Death Metal acts with Hatebreed rises in my head. My problem with this is that there are a zillion bands who sound the same as TTEOTD. The drum sound is triggered and that’s something I do not appreciate, because it lacks an organic sound, which I prefer in music. 

The vocals are strong, but not really extreme. The vocals are in my humble opinion not the strongest factor of this band, but of course I do not know how Anthony Gunnelis' sounds live, because I never had the opportunity to see them. The 3rd track When Everything Becomes Nothing also is a nice song to drop off some aggression, extreme drum/guitar work makes this a really grinding song, except from the vocals, which are getting more and more annoying. The 5th track Beneath Dying Skies wakened me straight up, great grunting and growling and smashing riffs. “Please let it be so for the rest of the album” I thought and the 7th track Truest Shade Of Crimson sounded promising, but again the screeching and screaming started and I dropped off again. However, the music these lads play is terrorizing but it lacks every bit of originality that could make this record outstanding.
Personally, I dislike bad screaming, except in grindcore. Seriously intended screams are a no do for me. The music earns a little plus, but is un-original as hell and the vocals….. Well let’s not talk about that anymore. People who like screaming and roaring like a madman must listen to this band, if you do not already know them. Other people however, should stay from this album as far as possible. Not a bad album at all, but I think I have made my point clear. I dislike the vocals and I hate bands like TTEOTD because of the lack of originality.
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Bloodlust
57/1001Details Prosthetic Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 18th, 2005

Writer @Mat-Core on Tuesday Oct 18th, 2005

Tags: #Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Tracklisting 1: Intro
2: Two Inches From A Main Artery
3: When Everything Becomes Nothing
4: Bringer Of Truth
5: Beneath Dying Skies
6: The Black Death And It\'s Aftermath
7: Truest Shade Of Crimson
8: With Eyes Ever Turned Inward
9: Force Fed Trauma
10: The Decaying Process
11: Outro
Line up Vocals - Anthony Gunnelis
Guitar - Justing Longshore
Guitar - Chris Anderson
Bass - Jeff Springs
Drums - Dayton Cantley