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The Audition - Controversy Loves Company
How many times have you heard the words "next big thing"? Well, The Audition is it. The Audition isn’t your average, mediocre rock band, they are a downright addictive dance-rock-pop-punk band from Chicago, IL, who is ready to give the Chicago scene a much needed jolt. Like their contemporaries in bands like Fall Out Boy, Alkaline Trio and Spitalfield, The Audition sings songs full of melody and catchy choruses that evoke dancing and singing along from even the most jaded of listeners. Their Victory Records debut album, Controversy Loves Company, is full of infectious songs that are upbeat and heartfelt. This is the band and the album that will finally reinvent the phrase "pop punk." The Audition is here to take the scene to the next level. Believe the hype!
For some reason this bio gives me quite some mixed feelings. At one moment I’m completely convinced by this band. Their music makes me move and sing along where possible and therefore I could conclude that this band has reached its goal. On the other hand, I definitely wouldn’t call this band ‘the next big thing’. Because The Audition simply isn’t. Yeah, they reached their goal; they can make me move and enjoy their album. But the thing is, this music is just too pop-oriented if you’d ask me. It’s very commercial and I think many people will see this band as a nice addition to the thousands of other poprock bands on the radio nowadays.
Over to the music itself then shall we? Although I think I made myself pretty clear by describing this music as poprock. The music can be described best as ‘passionate, melodic, (too) hyped poprock’. You can hear that the band has put a lot of emotion into their songs and that can only considered to be a positive thing here. The Audition likes to play their songs mostly up-tempo, but by building in well-considered breaks, the songs get something extra. (Oh, and before I forget it: this CD is supposed to be played very loud, I can assure you that it’ll make the album sound much better!)

Hopefully you have an impression of what the album should sound like by now. You’ve probably heard it a dozen times before and personally I consider this band a nice one for the radio. Though, if you’re into this stuff…it’s worth buying this album because you’ll definitely get a great sing-along production.
The Audition - Controversy Loves Company
66/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 20th, 2005

Writer @Boek on Thursday Oct 20th, 2005

Tags: #The Audition
Tracklisting 01. Dance Halls Turn To Ghost Towns
02. You\'ve Made Us Conscious
03. It\'s Too Late
04. Approach The Bench
05. The Ultimate Coverup
06. Don\'t Be So Hard
07. Lawyers
08. Rep Your Clique
09. La Rivalita
10. Smoke And Mirrors
Line up Danny Stevens - Vocals
Timmy Klepek - Guitar
Seth Johnson - Guitar
Joe Lussa - Bass
Ryan OConnor - Drums