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The Wake - Death-A-Holic
The band I’m going to review today is quite unknown to me. It is always nice to receive an album without a decent biography, so I’ll skip it anyway. The record is called Death-A-Holic and I’m quite sceptic about this record.
The record starts quite bad with a very annoying intro, but flows into the first song called Suicide Manual. This song isn’t so bad at all, but it vaguely reminds me to a zillion other melodic death metal bands with some Swedish influences. The Haunted is a band that is easily compared to The Wake, and even resembles in name. The link is quite obvious and after listening to two more tracks my opinion was set. The Wake is a mirror held before The Haunted and produce quite up to standard Swedish melodic thrash/death metal. Nice tracks to listen to were Downward Groove, The Elbow Of Zeus and the quite melodic track Nailgun. After listening to this record a couple more times, I found it quite amusing, but it won’t reach my year list for sure.
I don’t know to say much more about this record. It was quite amusing, but never hit the spot! Not really my cup of tea and obviously not very original. Fans of The Haunted, The Black Dahlia Murder and fans of Dew-Scented, who can appreciate melodic influences, should give this album a spin.
The Wake - Death-A-Holic
73/1001Details Spikefarm Records
Released on Friday Oct 28th, 2005
Melodic Thrash/Death

Writer @Mat-Core on Friday Oct 28th, 2005

Tags: #The Wake
Tracklisting 1. Suicide Manual 04:57
2. Rejected 03:25
3. One More Way 03:42
4. Downward Groove 04:40
5. Instrumental 02:15
6. The Elbow of Zeuz 04:03
7. Good For Nothing 04:25
8. Mindless Wrecking Progress 03:25
9. Death-A-Holic 04:20
10. Nailgun 05:01
Line up Vocals/Bass - Kaj Michelsson
Guitars - Sakari Lempinen
Guitars - Jani Luttinen
Drums - Wellu Helenius