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The Tossers - The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
When I saw the list of cds that had to be reviewed I saw the cd of The Tossers, with the desribition: folk. I contacted the chief editor to ask him if it is just folk or folk metal. He told me it is folk. Okay fine by me, I like folk so I chose to review “The Valley of the shadow of death” of The Tossers.
But what did I find in my mailbox? A cd of The Tossers, but the cover looked more like a deathmetal cover. Was the chief editor wrong? I was very curious about this cd. So it went straight in my cd player. Nope, he was right, it is folk. But there is folk and folk. Like I said above, I like folk. But this cd is not like the folk I use to listen to. It is a little hard for me to compare The Tossers with other bands of this genre, because of the simple fact I don’t know any. It sounds like Irish folk, but The Tossers are acctually from Chicago. But let me describe you what I felt when I heard of The Valley of the shadow of death for the first time. Beer, fun, friends, dancing, more beer. Well that was about it. I checked the lyrics, and yep, it is about booze. The music is very jolly. This is the music you’ll hear in an Irish pub. Most of the songs are real up-tempo songs with loads of energy. 

I already mentioned that I’m not very familiar with this style, and I must say that most of the songs on The Valley of the shadow of death sound a bit the same. The songs are really nice with their great mix of guitars, fiddles, mandolins and accordion but this will never be a cd I could listen to in its entirely in one time. It is just to much for me, although I like the music. Perhaps I’ll have to take my time for this one. I must admit it, this is great background music when my mates come by for a drink.
So people who like Irish folk will like The Valley of the shadow of death and people who like a large pint should listen to this one as well. 
The Tossers - The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
65/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Sunday Oct 30th, 2005

Writer @Arcane on Monday Oct 31st, 2005

Tags: #The Tossers
Tracklisting 1. Good Mornin'Da
2. A Criminal of me
3. No loot, no booze, no fun
4. The crock of gold
5. Late
6. Out on the road
7. I've pursed nothing
8. Drinking in the day
9. Phoenix park
10. Go down witch down
11. Preab san ol
12. The valley of the shadow of death
Line up Tony Duggins - Vocals, Mandolin
Dan Shaw - Bass, accordion
Aaron Duggins - Tin Whistle
Clay Hansen - Banjo
Mike Pawula - Guitar
Rebecca - Fiddle
Bones - drums