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Khold - Krek
I’m a big fan of all kinds of productions of `Moonfog', the label of Satyricons frontman Satyr. The bands which are signed to that label are awesome in my opinion. Bands like Satyricon, Thorns, Gehenna, Disiplin and the earlier cds of Khold. So I was very, very curious about the new Khold release “Krek”. although they switched to another label.

Krek is the 4th album of Khold. Some people might recognise some members of the band Tulus. I would describe the music Khold makes as stoner black metal. So black metal with loads of groove. Their lyrics always have been in Norwegian and on Krek they make no exception, so I haven’t got the slightest idea what they sing about, but it does sound aggressive. Khold really is the best name a band which makes this kind of music could have. It describes in one fantastic word the atmosphere of this great band. Their artwork deserves prices as well.

The music is very minimalistic, no solo’s or keyboards or any other additions, just simple guitar riffs. But that is just the great thing about Khold: übergrooving riffs with a lot of aggression. And that in combination with the ‘cold’ vocals is awesome. The songs are compact with durations of 3 or 4 minutes.

But what bothers me is the fact this album is not as good as their last one Mørke gravers kammer. Khold does nothing new on Krek. Okay, the other 3 albums don’t differ a lot either but that’s why I think there should be a little progress. Nontheless, this is still a great album, with mid tempo and down tempo songs on it. Up-tempo parts are scarce and used incidentally, which is a good thing in my opinion.

So if you like bands like Satyricon, Gehenna, Necrophagia and Disiplin you should run to the store and check out Krek  immediately. This is a must have!
Khold - Krek
84/1001Details Tabu Records
Released on Sunday Oct 30th, 2005
Stoner black metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Oct 31st, 2005

Tags: #Khold
Tracklisting 1. Krek
2. Blod og blek
3. Innestengt I eikekiste
4. Oskorei
5. Byrde
6. Lysets flukt
7. Grepet om kniven
8. Midvinterblot
9. Varde
10.Silur wie
Line up Gard - Guitar, vocals
Rinn - Guitar
Grimd - Bass
Sarke - Drums