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Naildown - World Domination
Naildown is another one of those up and coming bands from Finland, and ‘World Domination’ is their first release through Spinefarm Records. The band formed in late 2003 as a sort of project band called Acid Universe and made two demos under that name. The band changed their name to Naildown in 2005 and recorded ‘World Domination’ in May 2005.

The bands music fits pretty much into the same street as Children of Bodom, Kalmah, Norther, and other metalbands who sound like that. Naildown seems to take back on the neoclassical influences and give a bit more attention to some effective rock and metal riffs (hence why they call themselves an "extreme rock & metal band").

"Reflecting My Descent" is the opener of the record and is easily my favorite track. The song has a great clean chorus which doesn't sound hammy, and the rest of the song is a good example of this bands talent. Other great tracks are "Infinity" which starts of with a crushing riff, and has some vocals that aren't a bit more "standard fair" for this kind of music. Some great guitarsolo work as well! Another favorite is "Fragile Side", with its great lead riff and its big sounding chorus. And that crushing riff in the middle of album closer "Shining Throne" could be from any great Bay Area band. Great!

The problem with this release is that it is so damn "Finnish"! The production is excellent, but it almost sounds like the band walked into a studio where Bodom just finished recording, and directly plugged in their instruments. This is not a bad thing but it isn't really giving this band their own sound. A lot of songs have similar CoB style vocals and buildups, which is a shame because Naildown certainly has the goods to be a more originally sounding band.

Definitley check this band out if melodic death metal is your kind of thing. The band doesn't have the sometimes annoying neoclassical influences that bands mentioned above have, and the running up and down the scales is kept to a minimum. I hope the band can flesh out their own sound a bit more on their next record.
Naildown - World Domination
74/1001Details Spinefarm Records
Released on Friday Nov 4th, 2005
Melodic death metal

Writer @Carn on Friday Nov 4th, 2005

Tags: #Naildown
Tracklisting 1. reflecting my descent
2. prolong your fate
3. hollow syndicate
4. evil deeds
5. next infinity
6. eyes wide open
7. broken down
8. world domination
9. fragile side
10. shining throne
Line up Matti H�m�l�inen - bass
Harri Heikkinen - drums
Jarmo Puikkonen - keys
Daniel Freyberg - guitars & vocals