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Seven Stitches - While We Don't Take Over Death (demo)
Seven Stitches is a metalband hailing from Southern Europe. Portugal to be exact. Not really a country with a big influence in the metal scene but who knows what the future will bring us? For some reason this demo attracted me from the very beginning and therefore I took the opportunity to give it shot! Let’s see what these Portuguese amigos will bring us with their four track demo ‘While We Don’t Take Over Death’.

Opening track ‘Follow The Destiny’ starts quite slow. But the longer the track lasts, the faster it gets. Definitely a nice song-structure if you’d ask me. This band knows how to build up their songs in such a way that they’re really attracting to listen to. There’s just so much variation in the tempos (within the particular songs that is) that you really can’t say that Seven Stitches makes boring music. Hell no! They’re quite a cool band actually. At least I hear a lot of potential in these songs. And with that I also say that there’s still a long way to go for this band before they’ll reach the top. But there is hope, that’s for sure!

The songs contain some nice guitar riffs and the drums definitely attract me as well. Too bad there’s only 3 songs on this demo! Three you might think? I thought he mentioned four? Well, that’s right but the weird thing of this demo is closing track ‘WWDTOD’. I mean, did something go wrong at the production of this demo or did you guys really want to put some kind of outro on this demo? I think it’s a bit misplaced, unfortunately! I think the track would have done its job better as an intro.

This demo consists of some decent metal tracks that are a pleasure to listen to. Not something I’d buy in the stores, but that’s more because of the production. The demo sounds quite raw. Now I know that there are people who consider this to be a minor of the demo. Personally I like it this way because of the more ‘metal-sound’ it creates. My advice is to keep up the work and try to improve the production the next time and everything will work out fine!
All in all Seven Stitches convinced me of their skills and I’m looking forward to their first full-length album! For those of you interested in some Portuguese metal, just give it shot!
Seven Stitches - While We Don't Take Over Death (demo)
70/1001Details Riotstarter
Released on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005

Writer @Boek on Friday Nov 4th, 2005

Tags: #Seven Stitches
Tracklisting 1. Follow The Destiny
2. Hallucination Trip
3. Kill Me, Now!
Line up Pica - Vocals
Bixo - Guitar
Gingado - Guitar
Pedro - Bass
Nelson - Drums