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Helrunar - Frostnacht
I love black metal with vocals in an other language than English. For some reason it sounds stronger in my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong and I’ve heard so much English black metal that other languages sound more interesting now. I love the bands which scream in Norwegian, Dutch, French or German. So I was very curious what Helrunar would offer me.
Helrunar is a German pagan black metal band that was founded in 2001. Helrunar is old-Norse and means something like “Those who whisper with Hel” or "Runes that are somehow related to Hel, the northern Germanic goddess of the underworld". But lets talk about the album now.
It is very clear to me that the biggest influence of this band are the Norwegian blackmetal bands of the 90’s. But is sure has a great production if you compare it to other albums of bands in the genre. It has a very clear sound. You really can hear what is played. It also sounds much heavier. But it still has the oldschool black metal feeling. So in my opinion Helrunar uses a great mix: oldschool music with a 21st century production. 

The vocals on Frostnacht are in German, but some parts are in Norwegian and Old-Icelandic. What I really like about Frostnacht is the fact I can listen to the entire album for several times in a row. Most of the black albums are played once in my cd-player or just half, because it sounds the same all the time. But on Frostnacht is enough variety of riffs and tempo for me to listen the complete album. Great blasting parts, heavy pumping parts, thrash parts, mid tempo… you name it. Sometimes the music is very cold, but has also lots of very atmospherically and harmonically parts.
Usually I’m not a big fan of interlude songs. Most of the time I don’t have the idea it has an extra value. But the song Nacht Frost caught my attention for some reason. It has this great atmosphere created by a nice guitar riddle, the sound of an old record and the short story the vocalist wants us to hear.
After Nacht Frost, hell breaks loose again. 
Alltough I really like Frostnacht I must say I cannot hear anything new. It has been done many times before. But in addition to that I also must say that is one very well.
So all of you pagan minded metalheads: check this one out, you’ll gonna like this one.
Helrunar - Frostnacht
83/1001Details Lupus Lounge
Released on Thursday Nov 10th, 2005
Pagan Metal

Writer @Arcane on Thursday Nov 10th, 2005

Tags: #Helrunar
Tracklisting 1. Birke Im Moor
2. Frostnacht
3. Unten Und Im Norden
4. ...Bis Die Seele Gefriert
5. Nachtfrost
6. Der Trank Des Geh�ngten
7. Neun N�chte
8. �lter Als Das Kreuz
9. Dreifach Dorn
10. Minis Brunnr (Gratr �nnor)
Line up Alsvatr - Battery
Dionysos - Strings
Skald Draugir - Vocals