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Negative Creeps - In Uterus Rebirth
And again we come upon another Greek production, this time we encounter the Negative Creeps with their third CD, In Uterus Rebirth. This band is not unkown in Greece, they've been the support for Biohazard's gig on Athens on their tour through Greece. The band was formed in the ealry 90's. Their first CD was an 8 track titled '999'. After this release the band's style somewhat changed and the music became a crossover of death metal, hardcore and trash. They named this breed 'satancore'. This is the name of their second album as well, which has been released in 2001. The Cd starts with 'Magnetic Fields'. SOme weird noises which don't actually add something to the cd, but it didn't annoy me or anything. then the song 'Code' starts. From the start I noticed the trash influences, quick drum rhytms, heavy guitar playing and a kind of Max Cavalera alike voice. This sound is totally okay. The third song on this album, 'Son Of A Shotgun' is an absolute 'bang your head till it comes off' track. The guitar riff in this song is awesome and sticks in your head for days. The riffs on this album are the real hard bashing death metal riffs. Not the real fast precise picking, but melodic heavy bash stuff. Conclusion: if you want to bash your head slowly and hard, get this album. Tracklisting: 1. Magnetic Fields 2. Code 3. Son Of A Shotgun 4. Bored 5. Quantum 6. In Uterus Rebirth 7. Reincarnation 8. Last Of The Ancients 9. Nipple Torture 10.One Hate
Negative Creeps - In Uterus Rebirth
83/1001Details Black Lotus
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Negative Creeps
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