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Kiju - Demo(n)cracy
Kiju started as a band in the late 90’s. Originally starting as a band playing music influenced by bands like Faith No More and Soundgarden, the band has changed a lot over the last couple of years. With their second album ‘Demo(n)cracy’ to be released very soon, the band claims to play more hardcore based, ‘straight in your face’ music. With heavy grooves and extremely powerful vocals, they seem to have created their own style.
And to start with their style right away, I totally agree on that! This band kicks some serious ass! Heavy grooves are highly represented on this album and the powerful vocals spit the bands anger towards me. For some reason the anger and the energy that comes from this vocalist reminds me to The Agony Scene’s powerful music. And of course that’s a big compliment to Kiju.
Other bands that spring to my mind while I’m listening to this album are GF93 (also from Italy, coincidence or what?!) and Fear Factory. Especially the more technical sounds of this album remind me to Fear Factory. Again, great job!
Brutal Groovy Metalcore is quite a good description for this music I believe. Kiju presents an album full of Machine Head-alike brutal grooves and technical skills that seem to be influenced by Fear Factory. But be careful! Don’t be distracted by what I just said. Because this band is in no way to be compared to either Machine Head or Fear Factory. Kiju has a very unique style and definitely is a pretty refreshing band when it comes to the sound.
Though, there’s of course always some minors to an album. With this album the biggest minor has got to be the bonus tracks (and the silence in between the first 10 and the bonus tracks). I just don’t see the necessity of these tracks on such a great album like this. But hey, then again, that’s just my opinion. Kiju definitely wants to make me mosh around at one of their gigs once, hopefully they’ll pay a visit to the Netherlands soon!
When you’re into (brutal in your face groovy) metalcore, check this shit out! You’ll like it, I promise!
Kiju - Demo(n)cracy
77/1001Details Independent
Released on Tuesday Nov 15th, 2005
Brutal Groovy Metalcore

Writer @Boek on Thursday Nov 10th, 2005

Tags: #Kiju
Tracklisting 01. Tag Your Bones...
02. Inside
03. I Don't Tolerate Who's Not Tolerant
04. Deserve The Truth
05. Disappear
06. Seized By The Neck
07. Bean
08. Surf Diesel
09. Bullshit Handbook
10. Born Aborted
11. -
12. -
13. -
14. -

Bonus Tracks:
15. VI
16. Dog
Line up Vitto - Vocals
Kappa - Drums
Bob - Guitar
Cance - Guitar
Cafa - Bass