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Facial Humiliation - 5-Way Split
After playing our gig in Venray, I thought to look through the records they were offering for sale and found the most inspiring work Facial Humiliation: 5-way Split with Anal Penetration, MDK, Methadone Abortion Clinic, Obese and Uterus. This was something I could not resist and I had to have my hands on this beauty. The cover artwork shows a girl completely covered in semen and the back shows 2 girls… and as you could have guessed, they are covered in semen (it does look like vanilla yogurt though) My appetite for gore was not stilled and I put the disc in the player.
Anal Penetration:
The first 10 songs are for Anal Penetration, which are probably the best songs from AxPx ever. The sound is immensely brutal and not so fucked up as previous releases. I was able to follow the guitar and vocals this time and Roel really progressed with this project. Funny titles like Killer Tits, When I unleash My Terror Upon Your Left Cuntlip and Position 6593: Big Red Cock In Left Blue Eye, are amicable songs. I am impressed by this!
Score: 8.5
The next 7 songs are for MDK. I hear fucked up production, noise and terrorising screams/shouts that should represent vocals. Yes, I like grindcore, but this vocalist sounds like a hiccupping hyena. Not really my kind of thing.
Score: 6.0
Methadone Abortion Clinic:
I really like this stuff, it sounds like it hails from the Czech Republic, with squirting pitched vocals and stupid intro’s! I really dig this shit, the music is not really different from the rest, except that it’s drumming by drum computer is over the top. Close inspection learned that this band comes from the US. The fast parts are variegated with ultra slow parts with blubbering and squirming diarrhoea vocals!
Score: 8.0
This band has the longest tracks on this record, but most of that time is introductions. The guitar sounds very noisy and high and really misses a bass sound. The drums are monotonous, and not really interesting. The vocals are nice with deep gurgling and a scream that is really forced. What a (positive) crap! Senior DingDong is the dude who made this all possible, and close inspection learned that he has a label called Fart Out The Cum records, who co-released this split album.
Score: 7.0
Last but not least is Uterus, who produce the coolest gore-noise I ever heard. With music and vocals resembling to the old Circle Of Dead Children, this is really something to bang your head on and play it loud! Titles like Cobbler On My Nobbler and Dead Dumpster Hooker indicate that this isn’t a band that takes itself too serious, which is good, because gore/noise is not something to take serious. Really nice band to smash away some aggression
Score: 8.5
The Facial Humiliation split is something I would recommend to all people who dig noise, 5 bands that are all entertaining enough and with a length of 65 minutes that will smash your brains away. Nice shit, except MDK, which is just filler in my opinion. Best projects consist of Uterus and Anal Penetration; I was really surprised by the Anal Penetration songs, which sounded very nice!
Facial Humiliation - 5-Way Split
76/1001Details Vomit Noise Productions
Released on Thursday Sep 1st, 2005

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Nov 12th, 2005

Tags: #Facial Humiliation
Tracklisting Track 1-10: Anal Penetration
Track 11-17: MDK
Track 18-24: Methadone Abortion Clinic
Track 25-29: Obese
Track 30-40: Uterus

Line up Anal Penetration:
All - Roel Nijdam

Drums B. Vox - Andre
Guitar/vocals - Thales
Growls - Boca

Methadone Abortion Clinic:
No information

All instruments/Harmonized Voclits - Chickmaster
Vomits/Gurgles/ImpregnantingRetards - Senior Dingdong

Guitars/Drum programming - E.
Vokills/Lyrics - J.W.