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Munkyposse / Nothing To Prove - We Are The Tools Of Our Tools (split-MCD)
Once in a while, we at Metalrage receive a split MCD. This time we received one from two French bands: Munkyposse and Nothing To Prove. Munkyposses’ music is described as ‘tormented chaotic hardcore’, already an eye-catcher for me! Besides that, Nothing To Proves’ music is described as ‘hardcore metal’, which also gave me a good feeling. Well, let’s find out if these bands are as catchy as their descriptions of their style shall we?
I wouldn’t call this music ‘tormented chaotic hardcore’. In my opinion Munkyposse plays some kind of chaotic metalcore. Nasty sounding screams are thrown towards me and the music contains some nice catchy riffs. Though, the production isn’t that great. Therefore I’m still wondering if it’s the music itself that is chaotic, or if it’s just the quality which makes this music sound chaotic. All in all Munkyposse isn’t something refreshing but certainly worth a try. (6,5)
Nothing To Prove
Damn! This band is really to the point! I’d rather see a band that doesn’t take its name too serious because this band certainly has got nothing to prove. There’s absolutely nothing special to the noise they’re creating on this split MCD. I’ve heard this a thousand times before and every time it sounded much better than this. Nothing To Prove: you’re the weakest link! (At least on this split.) (5,5)
Munkyposse / Nothing To Prove - We Are The Tools Of Our Tools (split-MCD)
60/1001Details Custom Core
Released on Tuesday Nov 15th, 2005
Tormented Chaotic Hardcore / Hardcore Metal

Writer @Boek on Monday Nov 14th, 2005

Tags: #Munkyposse / Nothing To Prove
Tracklisting Munkyposse:
1. Hypodermic (02.42)
2. The Kinetic Decadence (04.29)
3. Modern Asylum (02.44)

Nothing To Prove:
4. Tension (04.05)
5. Arena (03.34)
6. Physical Modelisation (05.18)
Line up Munkyposse:
Arnaud - Vocals
Steve - Bass
Max - Drums
Romain - Guitar
Tom - Guitar

Nothing To Prove: