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Qwestion - Y
Qwestion started out in 1999 when all band members were together. Yet, it took 3 years to complete the debut album called Y. Metalrage has received a promotional copy to review. The album starts with a very weird intro and crushes into some great combo beats. The music is messy, and it seems that the music isn�t synchronized. But when listening more concentrated, I can hear the great use of riffs. This sounds absolutely great! I don�t have much knowledge about Progressive Metal but this really opens up my ears. The title of the song, The Mask excellently describes the music, as the music is masked in a way that you don�t hear the real beat unless you let loose your senses. Next song FreeProv is a song that is based on a sample with scratching. With the fabulous guitar play of John Hall this is a relaxing moment on the album, while Chaos Theory starts out again with full force after an intro. Some critics say that there is no recognising beat in the music, but I disagree by saying they should open their ears. Some noteworthy songs also are 3oNe2, mUsE and Forest Of The Norm. Forest Of The Norm is a very funny song because of the freaked mixing on the drum computer. It�s hard to recognize a melody in it, but when I�d find it, it amazed me in the instant. This is one of my first progressive albums I�ve fully listened and I think I�m ready for some more. Some funny facts about Qwestion is that bass player Mike Griffith has ended on the fourth place for best bass player of 2002. Track Listing: 1: The Mask 2: freeProv 3: Chaos Theory 4: A Little Swim bEfore The Walk (into) 5: Forest Of The Norm 6: mUsE 7: 3oNe2 8: YacHacHa Line-Up: Guitar: John Hall Bass: Mike Griffith Drums: -
Qwestion - Y
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

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