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Silencer - Death Of Awe
Mausoleum Records have been slightly out of the picture for a while, but they’re returning with a number of acts that have something to add to nowadays metal-scene. Silencer is definitely one of them.
I didn’t know what to expect when receiving this album, except that it would be thrash metal. One thing I did know, I was going to be blown away with full force. The aggression on this disc is overwhelming, an asset I find very important in this particular genre. There isn’t even any room to breathe between the songs, not even a second away from the relentless thrashing. It just doesn’t stop. But that wasn’t all, these guys also seem to be quite fond of fooling around with (high speed) rhythms and experimental sounds. Twice the fun for me!
You’d almost think there’s nothing negative for me to say about this band, but there are some things though. I would’ve liked an even more brutal production, instead of the heavy raw sound they’ve chosen. This could be even more aggressive than it already is. Unleash hell I say!
Furthermore I noticed something weird about the vocals. I own one record of The Haunted, namely One Kill Wonder. The main vocals on this Silencer release sound almost exactly the same. Not that I can’t live with that, but still I keep thinking about that fact while listening to it. The backing vocals are really cool by the way, they’re used in an effect kind of way which really adds something to the music as a whole.
But those are just two things they could improve in favour of appealing to my personal taste. I still like this album very much and it will definitely end up in my record collection. And if you’re looking for highly aggressive and slightly experimental thrash metal, this is it.
Silencer - Death Of Awe
79/1001Details Mausoleum Records
Released on Monday Nov 14th, 2005
thrash metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Nov 14th, 2005

Tags: #Silencer
Tracklisting 1. Earth Rule Murder
2. Mnemodrone
3. Transport
4. Signal To Noise
5. Redshift
6. Twilight
7. Antitwilight
8. Fracture
9. The Death Of Awe
10. The Harvest
11. Aeonic
Line up Dan Lynn – guitars & backing vocals
Brian Kotal – drums
Chad Armstrong – vocals
Keith Spargo – guitars & backing vocals
Jeff Alexis – bass