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Linear Sphere - Reality Dysfunction
Wow!!! This stuff made my jaw drop. Normally I’m not into progressive stuff, mainly experimental, but when the two are combined in a prog-fusion kind of way it seems to rock pretty well. Forget Dream Theater, welcome Linear Sphere!
The album consist of highly complicated compositions that are easier to listen to than one might expect. A fine combination of progressive rock, jazz-fusion and a subtle hint of death metal lead to something truly amazing. Normally I get pretty irritated by progressive music, because it all sounds like they’re showing off their skills, raping the whole idea of creating a song that sets off an emotion. These guys have surpassed that border more than decently.
The only thing I’m not to sure about are the vocals. It does sound like James LaBrie (Dream Theater) here and there, only with some emotion in them. He does a lot of mild screaming which fits the music perfectly but doesn’t connect with my personal taste. But when I look at it from a sarcastic point of view, I love it! Very weird, I just can’t explain it.
Furthermore there are a lot of spoken word samples which add to creating intriguing soundscapes.
The solo’s are killer! Not only are they faster than the human eye could see, but they’re more complicated rhythmically than for instance solo’s by Children Of Bodom.
There’s not much more to say for me, except that I think this could actually end up in my yearlist. This band has re-opened my eyes for progressive music and perhaps even more jazz-fusion stuff. This is a true masterpiece musically, the vocals are something personal I think. Check this out!
Linear Sphere - Reality Dysfunction
90/1001Details independant
Released on Tuesday Nov 15th, 2005
prog-fusion metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Nov 14th, 2005

Tags: #Linear Sphere
Tracklisting 1. Reversal
2. Father Pyramid
3. Ceremony Master
4. Division Man
5. Life Of Gear
6. Marketing
From Space To Time
7. Part 1: Evolution
8. Part 2: Bodes
9. Part 3: Seperation
10. Part 4: Eden
Line up Martin Goulding – guitar
Charlie Griffiths – guitar
Steve Woodcock – bass, Chapman stick
Nick Lowczowski – drums
Jos Geron – vocals