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Beaten Back To Pure - The Burning South
Recently I discovered a band that goes by the beautiful name of Beaten Back To Pure. And that’s exactly how they sound, like you’re being beaten back to your natural hillbilly farmer roots. A kind of music that’s highly enjoyable after finishing like ten beer or some joints. A combination of those preferably…
Just imagine a rawer, even more hillbilly sounding Alabama Thunderpussy and you’ve got what these guys do. Heavy stoner riffs combined with melodic parts and some country-like rock ‘n roll that sounds like it has it roots in a hardcore band. A better description I cannot give you. This stuff just puts a smile on my face. It’s probably that I have something with farmer-like sounding music of which there is a lot here in the area I live in.
A thing I have to mention is the golden throat vocalist Ben possesses. He has a mighty raw scream that would fit perfectly in a hardcore band but also manages a melodic voice that one would not expect after seeing him on a picture. But he does, and very good too. So good, that they’ve recorded a completely melodic hidden track with him singing.
This is one of the best discoveries I’ve made this year and I recommend this to all stoner-loving metalhead, especially the pothead kind. Rock ‘n roll dude!
Beaten Back To Pure - The Burning South
82/1001Details This Dark Reign Recordings
Released on Tuesday Oct 12th, 2004

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Nov 21st, 2005

Tags: #Beaten Back To Pure
Tracklisting 1. American Vermin
2. Smothered In Sundress
3. Hell Goes Thru Hanging Dog
4. One Shovel And A Place To Die
5. Where The Sewer Meets The Sea
6. Pillars Of Tomorrow, Piles Of Yesterday
7. Vertigo
8. Running Out Of Neck
Line up Slam – bass
Richie – guitar
Ben – vocals
Vince – guitar
Chuck – drums