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Ammit - Hammer of Darkness
I'm amazed by the amount of bands that cover the Accept classic ‘Fast as a shark’. Most of the time the covers are as good as the original, like the versions of Altar or Helloween. But I never heard a version before that sounded so different as the original. Ammit shows us that it does not have to sound like the original and still is extremely good.
Ammit is a black/thrash metal band from Chile and was founded as a one man project in 1991. Nowadays it is a real band. As the years passed some demos were recorded and one full length album. Now Ammit brings you their second full length to blow your speakers.
So what can you expect of Ammit? Well lots of high-speed thrashing black metal like a lot of bands from Scandinavia that want to tell you why this earth sucks.

The sound on Hammer Of Darkness is very raw, which totally fits with the musical style altough the mix is not super, I miss a bit of bass. The music itself is quite simple thrash black metal with lots of blast and thrash beats. The vocalist is yelling his lungs out and has a real fucked up voice (in a good way).

Like I said before, Ammit recorded an Accept cover, but it really sounds so different. Until the refrain I did not recognise it. But after listening it some times I totally recognised the song. I just love this version. It blasts so fucking hard out of the speakers.
I also must admit that ‘Fast as a shark’ is also the best song on the album. But most of their own songs are very nice as well.

What bands can Ammit be compared with? Well the first thing what comes up in my mind is Venom after taking a dozen xtc-pills. Other bands that come up in my mind are Utuk Xul and Nattefrost. It also has influences of the very early material of Destruction.
I like this album, but I really can imagine that a lot of people will think it is just a bunch of noise.
Ammit - Hammer of Darkness
70/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Monday Nov 28th, 2005
black thrash metal

Writer @Arcane on Tuesday Nov 22nd, 2005

Tags: #Ammit
Tracklisting 1. Pure infernal fire
2. Power means death power
3. Acid
4. Fast as a shark
5. Dogs of hell
6. Sinner
7. Terrormass
8. Wrath
9. Black plagues
10. Genocide
11. Las garras del mal
12. Hammer of darkness
Line up Czar Yang - Vocals, keyboards&hate
Lladkuduamn - Electric torture guitars
Vilu - Black desecrations guitars
Tom Evil Hill - Nuclear bass from hell
Necrohell - Drums of war
J. Slayer - Backing insults