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Neuropathia - Satan Is A Cunt
Neuropathia from Poland were not unknown to me. My memories about Obscene Extreme 2004 are quite vague but I remember seeing this band perform there. I recall some dudes in lab coats covered in blood (that’s new….) but I do not remember the music. Their album which I’m going to review now is called Satan Is A Cunt, which made me laugh. I was encouraged by the cool artwork and started listening. While listening and reading through the booklet, I discovered these were actually 3 records on 1 disc. The first 14 songs were recorded in April/May this year, while number 15-22 were recorded in June 1998 and 23-25 were unreleased covers recorded in 1999. The covers are Impetige – Dis-Organized, Repulsion – Black Breath and Brutal Truth - Birth Of Ignorance. I already like it!
To be short about the music, I heard various influences from bands of different eastern block countries. I hear a lot Cerebral Turbulency, and I think this is as close a summarisation I can give you. The music is ranging from up-tempo death metal with several crust core riffs all creamed in a gory sauce. I appreciate it! This is probably one of the funniest albums I heard in a long time and I was smiling from ear to ear. This only happened once this year when I heard the playful record of Malignant Tumour called Burn In Hell. Songs I really appreciate on this album were Meatman Tale, Burial Ground, Eat Your Shit and Plan 9 From Outer Space. I really came alive when I heard the 14th song PornStoreStiffi, which is a cover from Blood Duster, one of my favourite bands.
Above, you find my opinion about the songs recorded in 2005, the songs recorded 7 years earlier are completely different. The quality is quite horrible, but it is still nice to listen to. The 16th song Way Of The Dead starts with a very familiar intro from the ultimate splatter movie Braindead (Peter Jackson on his best!) 2 Songs later I again hear a familiar song, only this time it’s Gut I’m hearing (one of my all time favourite gore/grind bands). The song should not be unknown to most people who read this stuff anyway, it’s called Sperminator. The rest of the songs is quite a mess with the production but the harmonized vocals still sound nice enough, especially with the Regurgitate cover Disgorged Foetus.
About the covers I can be short, nice to hear them but it’s not something you really have to have. It’s always nice to have something extra which hasn’t been released before. Too bad internet has spoiled a lot of these unexpected unreleased shit.
I really enjoyed listening to this record and it is a nice thing you get 3 albums for the reasonable price of one album. Nothing’s wrong with this record, but I really tend to skip those older songs, because the new songs really sound a lot better. Look out for this one!
Neuropathia - Satan Is A Cunt
85/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Thursday Oct 20th, 2005
Horror Grind

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday Nov 23rd, 2005

Tags: #Neuropathia
Tracklisting 1.Freaks On The Loose
2.Satan Is A Cunt
3.Satanists Come From The Woods
4.Burial Ground5.Bad Boys Go To Hell
6.Anal Journey Of Thomas Superstar
7.Splatter Me Blood Red
8.The Dinner - I Need Meat
9.Clatter In The Coffin
10.Meatman Tale
11.Plan 9 From Outer Space
12.Monster Fever
13.Eat Your Shit
14.Pornstorestiffi (original by Blood Duster)
16.Day Of The Dead
17.Stat Institution For The Mentally Ill
18.Sperminator (Original by Gut)
19.Ingrowing Agony
20.Disgorging Foetus (Original by Regurgitate)
21.Mr Stench’s Story
22.Cannibalistic Consumption Of Human Flesh
23.Dis-Organ_ised (Original by Impetigo)
24.Black Breath (Original By Repulsion)
25.Birth Of Ignorance (Original by Brutal Truth)
Line up Bass (on Satan Is A Cunt) - Camel
Guitar - Czarek
Vocals - Konrad
Drums/Vocals - Psychoradek