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Stillrise - The Blackest Dawn
1999 – Grenoble: A band called Strike Back is formed. After a couple of gigs the line-up changes as well as the musical style. Strongly influenced by bands such as Arkangel, Raised Fist and Caliban, Strike Back starts to play heavy metalcore. In march 20004 the band changes their name to Stillrise, finds a new bassist and signs to the French record label Custom Core Records.
Now, before I’m starting to review this album. I gotta mention the fact that this album originally is a double album. Not only does this disc contain the album ‘The Blackest Dawn’, also the demo ‘Strike Back’, produced back in 2003, has been put on this album. Definitely worth the money I’d say! Unfortunately the demo isn’t available on the promotional copy of this CD and therefore I can’t tell you anything about it. But hey, let’s cut the crap and find out about ‘The Blackest Dawn’.
So, another metalcore band this time. A death-metalcore band to be exact. And that’s definitely a thing Stillrise shows on this album. They’re playing well-structured metalcore with a chaotic death metal sound mixed through it. Nice riffs are combined with a lot of energy and some nice screams of the vocalist. All in all the music doesn’t seem to add something new to the general metalcore sound we all know nowadays.
No, it’s not really the music that scares me off on this album. It’s the vocals that don’t seem to fit in all the time. Sometimes they’re just too chaotic to me. For some reason it gives me a feeling that the bandmembers lost a bit of the structure in some songs. (It’s really hard to explain this feeling actually but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here.) On the other though, the clean vocal parts on this album aren’t that great either. Although I kinda have the feeling that’s more of a production aspect instead of the actual voice.
Thumbs up for the cover artwork though, it really gives me the feeling one should have with this album so that definitely deserves a compliment!
My conclusion of this album: Stillrise is a bit of a weak clone of The Agony Scene and Caliban combined with the (too) typical metalcore sound we all know. Not bad, but definitely not very good either!
Stillrise - The Blackest Dawn
65/1001Details Custom Core Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 15th, 2005

Writer @Boek on Thursday Nov 24th, 2005

Tags: #Stillrise
Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. Drowned In Poison
3. Storm Of Violence
4. Something To Hang On
5. Seem To Be
6. The Blackest Dawn
7. Burn Your Flag
8. Everything\'s Fake
9. The Rotten Corpses
Line up Lio - Death Grunts
xRom1x - Evil Throat
Stefo - Guitar
xTomx - Guitar
Nico - Drums
Eric - Bass