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Union Youth - The Boring Years
Union Youth is a German rock band that don’t want to be referred to as the greatest rock band ever. They've just released their album The Boring Years in Europe and the copy for Metalrage got lost in the mail so I received another one. The band is currently touring Europe and in the Netherlands they are playing with Green Lizard. The total package attracted me and since I am the big boss I decided to review this one myself.
Union Youth plays a combination of rock ’n roll combined with rock and sometimes even some Britpop. When the album starts I hear a nice guitar riff. My first reaction was promising; this sounds pretty damn good. But then the vocals kicked in. And these are a bit too intense, in some way they remind me to a former Roadrunner Records band called Dirty Americans, but this sounds overdone.
Luckily they only use this overdone vocals in the first song because they sound much better in the following tracks. The second one reminds me of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” mixed with some song I have heard on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 on the Playstation; I have to say this is one of my favourite tracks on this album. To be honest, this song simply rocks. And track three appears to be a Britpop song. This is what I have been hating the last year, I just can’t stand this genre and every time I have listened to this album I have skipped this song!
The rest of the album continues with strong rock songs; they aren’t really bringing in new elements but the band is just relying on previous successes and sometimes that is the right thing to do. The production is very raw and the guitars are coming out in an old fashioned way which can be heard on older rock albums.
The cover of the album is attractive and you will not notice this album is made by German people because they are singing in excellent English. Too bad there isn't a lot of originality on this album, but the things the band do are done good enough. Union Youth may not be the best rock band in the history of man kind; they sure made a decent rock record.
Union Youth - The Boring Years
70/1001Details Roadrunner Records / Eat The Beat
Released on Monday Oct 24th, 2005

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday Nov 24th, 2005

Tags: #Union Youth
Tracklisting 1. Yeah (3:11)
2. About This Ride (2:50)
3. Sweet Song (2:42)
4. Back In The Sun (3:34)
5. Dressed Like Dolls (3:21)
6. I Would Swear If I Could (4:14)
7. Request (3:23)
8. Laburnum (3:17)
9. Chinahead (3:07)
10. Migratory Bird (3:00)
11. Straight And Narrow (3:47)
Line up Maze Budget - Vocals/Guitar
J. Orion - Guitar
Nosse K. - Bass
Bowy - Drums