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Wings Of Fury - Everlasting Emptiness
Now before I start reviewing this album I just want everybody to know that I’m absolutely not into gothic music. Nor am I a big fan of female vocals. But since I know some of the people in this band, and my band has actually played with them I decided to review their album.
In the beginning it was kind of hard for me to take this stuff seriously, but considering that this is a genre that has many followers I felt obligated to look at it objective and create a decent review.
First of all, the female vocals are very good. A nice vibrato and a lot of high tones that are never out of tone. This is also the strongest asset of this band on disc. The male vocals are just plain irritating. The supposedly evil grunts sound like shit. Reasonably atmospheric in the context of the music, but mainly like shit.
Now for the music, I’ve seen them play and know what they’re capable of and my honest opinion is that they have a magnificent guitarist that should really pursue a career in a death metal band. He played quite difficult guitar parts without even looking at his guitar. I think that this band is only holding him back. Now besides the thin (pretty raw mixed) guitar sound that is quite standard for a gothic metal band the riffs sound quite ok.
But then I have to talk about the drums, which isn’t going to help this review. A lot further than some standard Saxon-like pounding, this guy doesn’t manage. You know, I like some poeka every now and then, but if that should be in gothic, I’m not to sure about that. The sound of the drums is very poor as well, making the structures even less clear.
The synthesizers sound very well though. Probably the best mixed instrument together with the female vocals. They’re very atmospheric.
Overall I think that this record is a nice business card to arrange some shows, but a lot of work needs to be done in this band. They are very lucky to have this vocalist and guitarist, but I think that they might need some other musicians in their line-up to get the best result.
Wings Of Fury - Everlasting Emptiness
60/1001Details independant
Released on Tuesday Oct 25th, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Nov 25th, 2005

Tags: #Wings Of Fury
Tracklisting 1. The Storyteller
2. Heaven’s Gate Of Freedom
3. (The Whispering Of) A Nameless Fear
Line up Miriam Dammers – lead vocals
Tim Oehlen – guitar, vocals
Aryan Wever – bass
Pascal Wilbers – drums
Erno Noorlander – guitar, vocals
Marc Wassen – synthesizer