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Grenouer - Try
All the way from Russia this promo reached the Metalrage headquarters. A three track (signed!) recording mastered by Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene) full of what they described as modern tech metal, Let’s find out what Russia has to over to nowadays' metal scene!
The music itself makes you want to move your head instantly. Very rhythmical metal with the heaviness of what used to be a death metal band combined sounds very convincing. Add up some subtile effects here and there and you’ve got something great! Very much to my liking indeed, but then the vocals kick in. They are NOT to my liking. Although mixed very well they sound a bit out of place. They somehow remind me of some black/death metal act of which I just can’t figure out the name. Not all the parts though, he has one heavier voice that I do like, but the almost black metal sounding voice doesn’t suit the music I think.
The mix of this disc deserves some extra credit. Everything is in perfect balance in a sublime sounding end result. That comes in hand with the rhythmical parts, it allows you to be able to follow what these guys are doing. I love the sound of the bass guitar very much too, fresh sounding strings clattering over that neck, just the way I like it!
Overall I’d say Russia is perfectly capable of creating some decent metal, it’s just a bit of a pity that I don’t like the vocals because the music is really good. I hope we hear some more material of this band very soon!
Grenouer - Try
72/1001Details Siberian League
Released on Friday Nov 25th, 2005
modern tech metal

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Nov 25th, 2005

Tags: #Grenouer
Tracklisting 1. Devil’s Eye
2. All Along The Runway
3. Powdering Squeeze
Line up Ind – vocals
Slavij – bass
Motor – guitar
NV – effects
Grave – drums