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Catheter - Dimension 303
Catheter hails from the US of A (Denver) and originally started up with crust core. After a few albums and split albums with several bands (one of them with our own F.U.B.A.R.) they created another full-length record called Dimension 303. I recently watched Catheter perform on the Bloodshed festival, but after 15 minutes I really had enough. It did not entertain me as well as their album Do You Love Grind?.. Let’s see what Dimension 303 can bring me!
The album starts out aggressively and stays aggressively, for the full time of the record. 18 songs are crushed through your ears and devastate your brains, when you realize that there are some guitar solo-ish thingies in some songs. I don’t care much for these solo parts and they could have been left away. The music is still Crust Core, but with several other links to different styles. I recognized some Nasum and a little bit of gore. Songs that particularly interested me were False Sense Of Judgement, with the crusty vocals, Erased, Sit On This and Realize. One of the weaker songs of the album was Miserable Existance, which really took the tempo out of the record.  
I have nothing more to say about this record. If you were entertained by their previous records, then Dimension 303 will change nothing and you’ll be entertained. I think it’s merely the same all over. Not a star release in my opinion, but nice enough to listen to occasionally to get some adrenaline before a show.
Catheter - Dimension 303
68/1001Details SelfMadeGod Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 1st, 2005
Crust Core

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Nov 26th, 2005

Tags: #Catheter
Tracklisting 1: Dimension 303
2: False Sense Of Judgement
3: Illusions Of Hunger
4: Erased
5: Dead Time
6: Executioner
7: Sit On This
8: Overkill
9: Solution
10: Hopeless
11: Miserable Existence
12: Waste Time
13: Realize
14: Brink Of Extinction
15: Long Live The Circle Pit
16: Loser Punx
17: Left For Dead
18: Outro
Line up Guitar/Vocals - Jeff
Bass/Vocals - Donovan
Drums/Vocals - H Murder