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The Adrenaline Kings - Adrenaline Kings
Hard Rock to the bone band The Adrenaline Kings released their first album “Adrenaline Kings” on the 15th of November. After 3 years of hard work, forming a band and writing songs they came up with this old school album. Matthias Schneider, guitarist and founder of The Adrenaline Kings knew what he wanted to establish and he simply did.
While they spent over a year finding the right line-up for the band, you can’t expect anything less then some real musicians. People who know how to handle their instrument.
As soon as you hear the first tunes, you know what this album is going to be about. Iron Maiden like solo’s, Poison like vocals and nice and tight drums. This band is easily compared to bands like The Scorpions Whitesnake and Guns ‘n Roses.
The Sound of this album is very solid. The Guitars sound crisp and clear, the bass is rolling and the drums are perfectly mixed in. The singer might practise a little bit more to get some more body, but I am sure the band has enough self-criticism to be working on that already.
The German accent of the singer is a little bit annoying at some times, but it wouldn’t be fare to judge a band on that.
The order of the songs on the album is quite predictable. You know when the ballads are next. This makes it very easy to listen to this album, a little bit too easy maybe. Of course it’s a good thing they didn’t forget about the ballads. Every single band with the goal to be the next hard rock legend should have at least one ballad on every album. Too bad the ballads are not that good. They don’t give me any goose bumps or melodramatic feeling.
I might be a little bit too young to have youth sentiment over this album, but if I were a little bit older, I don’t think I would have had that anyway. The band is not very original and it has been done many times before. Though it’s nice to have a band doing this music and style these days, I think it can be done much better. This album is not very special or good, but nice to listen to, on a late drunken night, when you just broke up, or just on a Sunday afternoon in the bar.  
The Adrenaline Kings - Adrenaline Kings
65/1001Details Limited Acces Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 15th, 2005

Writer @Cymric on Monday Nov 28th, 2005

Tags: #The Adrenaline Kings
Tracklisting Bernhard – Vocals
Matthias – Guitar
Pauli – Guitar
Alex – Bass
Florian – Drums
Line up 1. Cowboy Savage
2. Without Your Love
3. Exotic Lady
4. Flying High
5. Leaving Song
6. When The Rain Comes Down
7. Kings Of Adrenaline
8. Online Lover
9. Live Again
10. Black Rain
11. Five Minute Dynamo
12. Crystal Tears