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Seether - Karma And Effect
When I noticed that I was the lucky one that got the opportunity to review this album, I immediately did some research to Seether on the internet. Why? Well, honestly because I didn’t even know one single song of them. For some reason the album grabbed my attention from the very beginning and when I visited the official Seether website I was convinced by this band in no time! Actually, I think there hasn’t been a band around that convinced me as fast as this one did. These guys managed to make me love their album before I even received the copy in my mailbox, awesome!
“Well…”, you might think, “what is it that makes this band so special then?”. I’m willing to explain that in the rest of this review. Just sit back, read and see for yourself if you’d like to discover one of the best rock bands alive.
The reasons why this album kicks ass so much:
- The band is full of energy and that shows on the album by having heavy and dark rock riffs that still carry an ‘easy to listen to’-factor that I haven’t heard for quite a while. The music is played with so much passion that one can easily become emotionally involved in the music (in a positive way that is off course!). 
- Seether isn’t a band that only plays heavy and dark rock, hell no! They combine it with such an outbalanced amount of melodic rock that it’s just something you MUST love! (You definitely gotta check out the song “Remedy”. This song sticks in your head the entire day and it won’t even bother you, really!) 
- The lyrics are easy to listen to, easy to sing along with and maybe the most important thing is, they’re also easy to relate to yourself. For me, that’s always a good thing!
- The vocals are melodic on the one hand but you can also hear metal related screams (mostly in the background) which only adds something to the music by giving it a more brutal atmosphere. It’s like rock with a few drips of “metalsauce” on top of it. Tasty!
- The artwork is one hell of masterpiece!
- I was convinced by the talent of this band within a few minutes and I only started to like Seether even more every minute I listened to their music. This has got to be one of the best rock bands out there besides Open Hand. (Off course, this is my opinion, but I can assure you that this band isn’t the average rock band you hear so often of the radio stations these days.)
One thing is for sure, this album will get definitely receive a spot in my personal top-10 album year list. Two big fat thumbs up for Seether – Karma And Effect!
Seether - Karma And Effect
88/1001Details Sony BMG
Released on Monday Nov 21st, 2005

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Nov 29th, 2005

Tags: #Seether
Tracklisting 1. Because Of Me (3:38)
2. Remedy (3:29)
3. Truth (3:52)
4. The Gift (5:36)
5. Burrito (3:53)
6. Given (3:49)
7. Never Leave (5:01)
8. World Falls Away (4:42)
9. Tongue (4:08)
10. I\'m The One (2:51)
11. Simplest Mistake (5:30)
12. Diseased (3:42)
13. Plastic Man (3:54)
Line up Shaun Morgan - Vocals, Guitar
Dale Stewart - Bass, Vocals
Pat Callahan - Guitar
John Humphrey - Drums