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Welcome To Miami - The Silent Cathodic Chaos
Some CDs are really hard to review. Especially when you only have a 4 song-MCD of a band you think is not that good and definitely does not play the style they say they do.
The MCD “The Silent Cathodic Chaos” is one of those hard-to-review-CDs.
The band claims to be playing a teenage type of rock ‘n roll. And I am not too old to know what teenage means, yet not too young to not know what rock ‘n roll is either.
Welcome To Miami is a band that started out in 2002. In my eyes the band is still searching for it’s own style. The music sounds a bit like punkrock, a bit like plain rock, a bit like emo and there might even be some tunes of rock ‘n roll. One thing in the MCD title that really refers to the music in my eyes is the word chaos. Everything about this music is chaotic, and not in a punk-kind-of-way, but just because it’s messy.
The singer switches between his high and low voice all the time, but not in a rock ‘n roll way, more in an emo way. He has a very young and innocent voice which makes the music a bit sweet and modest, while rock ‘n roll is nothing but sweet and modest.
The drummer does not manage to play a tight schedule and that makes it hard for the guitars to play a tight schedule either. All band members are doing vocals. Maybe it would be better to have little less backing vocals so the guys could focus a bit more on the music itself?
The funny thing is that the third song on this MCD is really nice. It might be a little bit chaotic, but it does sound like rock’n roll a bit and it does rock! Some parts might be a little bit of a rip-off and it might not be very original, but compared to the other songs…
Looking at this MCD if it was a demo, it would be quite alright, but for a MCD released by a record label, I think you might expect a little bit more.
Welcome To Miami will release a full length next year on the same label, Custom Core Records, let’s hope they take enough time to write finished songs, to record them right and to define an own style.
Welcome To Miami - The Silent Cathodic Chaos
65/1001Details Custom Core Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 15th, 2005
emo \'n roll?

Writer @Cymric on Thursday Dec 1st, 2005

Tags: #Welcome To Miami
Tracklisting 1. The (Silent) Cathodic Chaos
2. Robocop Had An Accident
3. Golden Godess For Lusty People
4. Children Of Innocence
Line up Al – guitar/lead vocals
Arnaud – guitar/ backing vocals
Mathieu – Bass/ backing vocals
Guisb – drums/ backing vocals