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AllunderAge - No Jokes... ...No Funny Stuff
AllunderAge, what a relieve. A Dutch band worth checking out. And the guys are only 20!
It has been a long time since I last heard a Dutch band that really draws my attention, a band that managed to let me enjoy the music they make. Sure there are good bands, but in the Dutch punkrock scene it are either bands with a long history or bands that just don’t have it.
AllunderAge reminded me of Army of Darkness, another Dutch punkrock band I really enjoyed listening to and was really worth checking out live when I was a bit younger.
AllunderAge can be compared to bands like Face To Face, 88 Fingers Louie and Pulley, but also to bands like NRA, Of No Avail and De Heideroosjes.
Cicek and Jeroen have got great voices and they know how to use them! Without getting childish or pathetic, like some bands do,  they sing and at some points scream out great lyrics. Lyrics of some guys who want to tell you something, who have an opinion and are not scared to let you know about it.
The guitar, bass and drums are tight, and nice. This album sounds finished and it is recorded and mixed by Menno Bakker at the Bunt’s Studio, mastered by Alan Douches (West West Music, US), you cannot expect anything less then a perfect production.
As this is only the first full length of these youngsters, I am looking forward to what they will bring in the future. While the guys are just starting out, I am sure this is not the best thing they can do. This album might get a bit boring after hearing it over a 30 times, but it will end up in my CD player more often then quite some other albums.
I am going to check when I can see these guys perform live. Just one last thing to say: If you like punkrock, make sure you check this album out!
AllunderAge - No Jokes... ...No Funny Stuff
76/1001Details White Russian Records
Released on Friday Dec 2nd, 2005

Writer @Cymric on Thursday Dec 1st, 2005

Tags: #AllunderAge
Tracklisting 1. Messiah Chaser
2. I Don’t Really Care
3. Don’t Fall In Love With Fiction
4. The Shadows Of Democracy
5. Stop Right There
6. Rise & Fall
7. Flat Broke And Happy
8. For You?
9. Not Helping The World
10. Bureaucratic Court
11. Start
12. No Easy Words
Line up Cicek – Vocals
Jeroen – Guitar / Vocals
Roddy – Bass
Joris - Drums