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Union - Live At The Galaxy
Long hairs, raw guitars, ballads, memories and some musicians. Hard rock band Union has got it all. The band members all have long different backgrounds with hard rock legends and they all are legends themselves. Bruce Kulick formerly played with Kiss and  Meatloaf. John Corabi is known for his efforts in Motley Crue and The Scream. Jamie Hunting is, besides his work in for example David Lee Roth’s band, known for his quest for (promoting) the 12-string bass, a delight for all bass-players. Last but not least, Brent Fitz who still is playing with Theory Of A Deadman completes the album line-up.
Unfortunately the band is not able to play all shows live with this line-up. Both Jamie Hunting and Brent Fitz were forced to put Union on the side (for a while?) due to their other “hobbies”. They were replaced by Eric Singer (Kiss) and Chuck Garrick (Alice Cooper). But while this is a review for the album and not for the band I will not go into that further.
The first thing that comes to mind listening to this album is that the band members should be able to do a lot more than what they show on this album. Though they play very tight, especially for a live show, they do not manage to make it worth listening to the entire album. After 30 minutes it gets pretty boring, most songs sound the same. Maybe you just should‘ve been there to really enjoy this album. I can imagine that the band gives away a great show and this album will help you remind the great time you had watching it.
This album might also remind you of the old days, when you walked around in your tight torn up jeans, brushing your long, long hairs and imitating your favourite metal/hard rock star. But that is exactly what this band sounds like, an imitation of the old times. Bands like Tesla, Kiss, Guns ‘n Roses, Poison, they all did it. Union does not do it just yet. But I am confident they are able to, maybe that’s even worse.
The production of this album is done very well. I know albums recorded in a studio that sound much worse. The three added bonus tracks which are recorded in the studio, do sound good too, but the Live part sounds much better. With the help of Bruce Bouillet, Bruce Kulick mixed this album himself. Something he is very well capable of besides rocking his guitar.
The album cover gives a good impression of what to expect from the album. But what is, in my eyes, something that’s really great about the “artwork” is the content of the booklet. Instead of just putting their lyrics on the pages, they included a biography with pictures of all band members. The pictures show the band members the way they (or their image) are.
When you like(d) Kiss, Motley Crue and the other bands I named before, this album is a nice collectors item. It’s nice to put the album on when you’re driving back home from a late visit to friends or a show. And it sure is of historical value for those who stuck out their tongues as far as they could…
Union - Live At The Galaxy
79/1001Details Mausoleum Records
Released on Monday Dec 19th, 2005
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Writer @Cymric on Tuesday Dec 6th, 2005

Tags: #Union
Tracklisting 1. Old Man Wise
2. Around Again
3. Heavy D
4. Jungle
5. Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore)
6. Man In The Moon
7. I Walk Alone
8. Surrender
9. Pain Behind your Eyes
10. Power To The Music
11. Tangerine
12. October Morning Wind
13. Hide Your Love Away
Line up John Corabi – Guitar&Vocals
Bruce Kulick – Guitar&Vocals
Jamie Hunting – Bass
Brent Fitz – Drums