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Wojczech - Sedimente
You’ve ever had the delightful experience of being in a foreign country, at some bar or club of which you haven’t got a clue how you got there in the first place? At some point, drunk as you are, you find yourself in conversation with someone who doesn’t speak your language, but because of the high intoxication level all you can utter is “I haven’t the faintest what the fuck you’re talking about, but I agree completely”. You get another beer, one for your new friend, and before you know it, the bar personnel carry your passed out ass outside before throwing you on the curb where you’re left making spastic gestures and soiling your once neat and cool jeans. As some local walks by, he takes a sad glance at the human waste land you’ve become, and you see a coin being thrown at you in empathy.

Well, I never had such an experience, but I do have a neat-o promo disc by the German grinders Wojczech. And throughout the entire disc I felt drunk, and I had no idea how this disc found my cd-player that day. At some point a barking madman started shouting over the extremely cool grind blasts and punk rhythms, and I hadn’t the faintest what he was trying to tell me. “Wobble Wobble Darg Darg Wobble Da Da Yaah!”.
All I could utter was “Yeah man, I agree man”.

As the track listing carried on, and the inspiring lyrics continued (“Wuj Who Who Wah Wurrrr!”), I experienced an extremely high grindcore intoxication that reminded me of either a high amount of ether, or the better stuff by Napalm Death or Carcass.

After a song or seven, eight, I blacked out, and found myself on the floor, making spastic gestures and shouting “Wur wur jaah jaah!”. After soiling my pants the cd ended and all I managed to murmur was:


Not only does the old school grind shit combined with punk influences remind me of Napalm Death (and frankly, anything that reminds me of Napalm Death rules), it also involves a unique course in “Animal Communication”, I’m talking to my pet tortoise as I’m writing this, which is always enjoyable.

“Wobble wur wah!”

*review by Napalm Lex*
Wojczech - Sedimente
75/1001Details Selfmadegod
Released on Tuesday Nov 1st, 2005

Writer @Lex on Tuesday Dec 6th, 2005

Tags: #Wojczech
Tracklisting 01 : Krebskult
02 : Superparadigma
03 : Wachkoma
04 : Graufilter
05 : Holzklasse
06 : Macht Der Beseelten
07 : Kein Gesicht
08 : Dogmafalle
09 : Tunnel
10 : Redeschleife
11 : Letzer Ausgang Opferrolle / Reste Der Vergangenheit
Line up Vocals: Danilo Posselt
Bass, Vocals: Andy Colosser
Guitar Vocals: Stephan Kurth
Drums: Stephan Gottwald