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VII Arcano - Nothingod
VII Arcano are an Italian band that play 'Swedish oriented death/thrash'. I'm not hearing a lot of Swedish influences (thank god, I'm a bit tired of all Swedish sounding stuff lately) but it still leaves a lot of death/thrashing for the public. This album was recorded early 2003, but is being released just now for fairly obvious reasons: It's nothing special.

Here's a thing, when the biggest selling points in your biography are the studio where you recorded your album and the fact that you've recorded a Testament cover you know there is something wrong somewhere. VII Arcano apparently aren't that eager at telling the world their own music is awesome. Or they are just realistic and already know that they're not that great...

While it certainly has its moments and sometimes creates a dark atmosphere like a band like Dissection or The Chasm can, it just doesn't cut it for me. The riffs thrash, the drums pound and the vocals bellow but it all sounds rather bland to me. The best moments are when a melodic solo or a clean guitar kicks in to create some of the aforementioned atmosphere, or when a heavy riff reminds me of Darkthrone in their death-metal days.
Don't get me wrong, this certainly isn't bad. VII Arcano can play a decent tune, but it's all been there, done that. The most embarassing moment comes when the seventh song kicks in. It's embarassing for me because I think 'hey, this sounds cool' and it turns out to be to a cover of Testament's 'Burnt Offerings', and it's embarassing for VII Arcano because their finest hour comes in the form of a cover which is NOT a good thing. A cover should be an extra, not the highlight of your album...

Anyway, fans of decent but dated sounding death/thrash could check this out, I really didn't like it. I'll give it a positive score for effort but that's it, better luck next time.
VII Arcano - Nothingod
67/1001Details Warlord
Released on Sunday Dec 18th, 2005

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Sunday Dec 18th, 2005

Tags: #VII Arcano
Tracklisting 01. Millennium Plague
02. Furybound
03. Deathlike Blues
04. Final Dream
05. Down The Afterworld
06. An Assassin Charisma
07. Burnt Offerings (TESTAMENT Cover)
08. Murder Parade
09. Nothingod Manifest (The Crawling Race)
Line up Marco Montagna – Guitars
Mirko Scarpa – Vocals (ex-OMICRON)
Diego D’acunto – Guitars
Carlo Paolucci – Bass (also in PROMAETHEUS UNBOUND)
Francesco Struglia – Drums (also in PROMAETHEUS UNBOUND)