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Melisend - Demo
The description for this band was doom/death metal. I must remind myself never to subscribe for those anymore before listening to them. Doom/death has almost become equal to funeral doom to me, because that’s what this is, and I’m not into that at all. But what the hell, let’s see if it’s fun anyway!
To be honest, NO IT ISN’T!!! But there are a lot of things that I have to calculate in while reviewing this. They’ve had so much problems with recording this demo that the end result is probably far from what they wanted. Numerous things had to be re-recorded over and over, that didn’t help the quality of the sound at all.
But for the music then. It does contain a couple of nice parts here and there, if I talk about the epic riffs. But when it comes to vocals, they’re awful, as well as the drums. His fast parts sound just as interesting as my dad yawning. So in short, the guitars are quite all right, but the rest is certainly not.
As you can conclude with me, we’re not dealing with the new Officium Triste here. But they might be heading in that direction sooner or later. I must say that I am quite curious on how this would have sounded if it had come from a decent studio and producer, and I hope to see a worthy release in the future.
Melisend - Demo
50/1001Details independant
Released on Friday Jul 29th, 2005
funeral doom

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Dec 25th, 2005

Tags: #Melisend
Tracklisting 1. Intro – The Crucifixion
2. Travel To Another World
3. The Shadow And The World
4. Captivation In Perpetuity
5. Death To Life
6. Dreary Plodding
7. Pain And Blood
Line up Arjan Stierman – vocals
Stefan de Goey - guitars
Lex Vermazen – bass, backing vocals, effects
Ruben Kiewiet – drums