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The Berzerker - World of Lies
I’ve never been a great fan of grindcore, well I like it, but just a couple of songs, a complete cd is too much for me. Until there was The Berzekers 1st album. Damn, I love that album, Grindcore with electronic highspeed beats. The Berzerkers 2nd cd was quite okay as well, but it was more standard. Let’s see how the newest album is……
Never change a winning formula… That has to be the credo of The Berzeker. World of Lies  really sounds like their last album. The mix of grindcore and the electronic beats has not been changed, just like the Discovery Channel like intros. They really haven’t changed the musical formula. Some people will love that, others think it all sounds the same now. Well… I’m one of the people of the last named group. I like this album, but it really sounds the same as their last one. The songs aren’t bad at all, but I’ve heard it before.
If you never heard a record of The Berzerker before and you like grindcore (I can’t guess why you shouldn’t know them), or you just wanna hear something “new” you will like World of Lies, because it is not standard grindcore. But a little more variation would be nice in my opinion. The only song that is different is Farewell, which is a very slow instrumental song.
Allthough World of Lies has a great production and some nice songs, it will never be one of my favourites.
The Berzerker - World of Lies
68/1001Details Earache
Released on Monday Jan 30th, 2006

Writer @Arcane on Thursday Dec 29th, 2005

Tags: #The Berzerker
Tracklisting 1. Committed to Nothing
2. Black Heart
3. All About You
4. Burn the Evil
5. World of Tomorrow
6. Follow Me
7. \"Y\"
8. As the World Waits
9. Afterlife
10. Never Hated More
11. Free Yourself
12. Constant Pain
13. .............................
14. Farewell
Line up Jason - Guitar, bass
Sam - Guitar, bass
Luke - The Berzerker
Adrian - Guitar, bass
Ed - Guitar, bass
Ivan - Dragon design