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Disturb - The Worst is to Come

Disturb is a metalcore formation from Marseille (France for those who don't know). They have played Fury Fest, which I, sadly enough, had to let pass. But because I missed them at there, I am happy to receive their new full-length called 'The Worst is to Come'. Let's see what these guys have in store.

A city at sunset, with birds flying over it. A nice photo, but it says nothing about this record. A shame, because I really like it when it does. But no harm done, it's about what's on the disc, not what's on the cover!

They waste no time. It immediately breaks glass with a scream, loaded with pain which is the beginning of a one minute intro. The first song is a brutal metalcore song which reminded me some stuff I heard of eastern europe's Sunrise. But with less metal and an addition of core. And they pull it off. Dual vocals screaming at the same time. I do wonder what the other is doing when one is singing an entire verse though. Maybe more switches within verses would be an addition, like On Fire does on their last 7" split with Superhero. Because especially the parts where Disturb does use this extremely powerfull aspect of dual vocals, it really blasts. This is a brutal record, with a lot of brutal double bass mosh-parts, but also a lot of groovy parts. Their style resembles that Walls of Jericho, their Candice has the same vocal acoustic as the Disturb's lead singers, except: these guys are not alone.

The kick sound a bit sharp to me. The guitars could have been a bit darker, to bring out the evil squeeky tones. Now they sound a bit too smooth to me. But the rest sounds perfect and makes this record to a very good release. And I definately look forward to seeing this band perform soon. There's a hidden sample at 3:10 of the last track. Some japanese skit. Have no idea what it means. It doesn't affect me! Good record!

Disturb - The Worst is to Come
84/1001Details Custom Core
Released on Friday Dec 30th, 2005

Writer @Spoerie on Friday Dec 30th, 2005

Tags: #Disturb
Tracklisting 1. Some Words
2. The Most Terrifying Fight [mp3]
3. Acts vs Lives
4. Make Your Life Stronger
5. Mental Sanity
6. Poisoned Words
7. Something to Die For feat. Remi&Fred (INMATE)
8. What We Are feat. Greg (ex-DISTURB)&Nico (THE THIRD MEMORY)
9. Bleeding Memories
10. South Blood Crew

Line up Ju - Vocals
Mich - Vocals
Seb - Guitar
Vince - Guitar
Mike - Bass
Stef - Drums