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Random Eyes - Eyes Ablaze
The Random Eyes saga began in 1999 when guitarist and songwriter Timo Kuusj�rvi met vocalist Christian Palin while both were serving in the Finnish army and the two became fast friends through their mutual musical interests. It would be a few years later in 2002 that Kuusj�rvi and Palin would come across eachother again and began forging towards a common musical goal. Over the course of early 2002 Christian met co-vocalist Katja Rimpel�inen after running across the young lady while she was performing on a specific occasion. Captivated by the talent behind the graceful voice, Christian presented the idea to Katja of singing alongside himself in a duet-lead metal band. Acquiring the additional talents of second guitarist Mikko Tuliniemi along with drummer Timo Peltokangas and bassist Jukka Koponen, the band took on the name Random Eyes and entered themselves in a nationwide band contest which was held in M�nts�l�, Finland in the spring of 2002. Random Eyes claimed the gold at the event, coming across as the most complete unit with the advent of only three songs. Convincing both the public and the judges, Random Eyes quickly became a hot topic through word of mouth and media coverage of the event. After their victory however, it would prove that bassist Koponen felt that Random Eyes just wasn�t his calling, leaving the band in the process. New bassist Timo M�ki-Marttunen filled the gap in quick order and a third guitarist came into the Ramdom Eyes line-up in the form of Samuel Hoisko, who was a fantastic lead player. (bio taken from website) Just to start off, this band will fit perfectly in the MTV scene, female vocals backed up with male vocals, the music is melodical and not really heavy, still it sounds nice. You might want to add this band to the Gothic Rock list, stuff like Within Temptation, Nightwish, bands like that. The album starts with 'Hero', nice riff, basic drumwork. Okay I have to admit, I don't like female vocals, but this one sings really good. A clear melody on the slowed down parts of the song, and then when the distortioned guitar comes in it is strengthened by the male vocals. Then the next song 'Faith', in the same style as 'Hero', just like the rest of the album. Sure you can say 'It all sounds the same', but the music itself is really good and diverse. The smooth changes from easy listening to the more heavier parts. The producing on this effort has been done really well. One thing, the last song on the album 'Tomorrow Will Come' is some kind of experimental track, and doesnt fit the album well. It is too Bon Jovi alike, and I don't like it at all. Tracklisting: 1. Hero 2. Faith 3. Son Of Perdition 4. New Creation Girl 5. Soldier 6. Little Angel 7. Tears 8. Fallen 9. Fantasy 10. Tomorrow Will Come Random Eyes is: Katja Rimpel�inen - Vocals Christian Palin - Vocals Timo M�ki-Marttunen - Bass Mikko Tuliniemi - Rhytm Guitar Timo Kuusj�rvi - Lead Guitar Samuel Hoisko - Solo Guitar Timo Peltokangas - Drums
Random Eyes - Eyes Ablaze
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

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