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Instil - Fire Reflects In Ashes
Instil’s “Fire Reflects In Ashes” is an album that should’ve reached me about a year ago I believe. For some reason though, Metalrage never received it and therefore we offer you a review of an album that’s not really new anymore. Still, I was very curious to this album created by some Dutch farmers from the north of our small country.
And my sense of curiosity did quite a good job again this time! Because Instil, ladies and gentlemen, is not one of those typical metalcore bands that are crawling out of the sewers every day nowadays. It’s a band that actually managed it to still wanna make me listen to this album after the third song. And no, it’s not an album that deserves to be certified gold, absolutely not! But I’m just telling you that we Dutchies could be proud of such a band. 
The music contains more than just the metalcore sound. There’s also chaos in it. Musical chaos that one can hear back with for example The Dillinger Escape Plan. And let’s be honest, I’m not making a comparison here, ‘cause DEP is way more chaotic! But I’m just trying to give you a bit of an impression of the more chaotic (drum)rhythms being created on this album.
Vocal wise, Instil is a pretty strong band as well. A raw throat is being used but it’s a throat with more than one sound. Higher metalcore screams, lower grunts and not unimportant: no clean vocals!
All in all this band convinced me of their skills with ‘Fire Reflects In Ashes’. Maybe the production could be a bit better next time, but then again: the way it is done on this album, makes it all a bit more rough, like this kind of metal is supposed to be in my opinion. If you’re into some nice, different and chaotic metalcore then you should give it a try!
Instil - Fire Reflects In Ashes
75/1001Details Garden Of Exile Records
Released on Monday May 24th, 2004

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Jan 4th, 2006

Tags: #Instil
Tracklisting 01. Stronghold
02. To The Manner Born
03. Sole Rights
04. Fire Reflects In Ashes
05. Time, Love And Memories
06. Priotized Security
07. Rippling Into A Tidal Wave
08. Chimera
09. Transient
10. Devoid Of Guarantees (2004)
11. Affected
12. Heaven Torn Asunder
Line up Rene Smit - Vocals
Jaap Vissering - Drums
Sander Oldersma - Guitar
Joop Suelmann - Guitar
Arnold Schonewille - Bass